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    • Genomic regulatory blocks encompass multiple neighboring genes and maintain conserved synteny in vertebrates 

      Kikuta, Hiroshi; Laplante, Mary; Navrátilová, Pavla; Komisarczuk, Anna Zofia; Engström, Pär G.; Fredman, David; Akalin, Altuna; Caccamo, Mario; Sealy, Ian; Howe, Kerstin; Ghislain, Julien; Pezeron, Guillaume; Mourrain, Philippe; Ellingsen, Staale; Oates, Andrew C.; Thisse, Christine; Thisse, Bernard; Foucher, Isabelle; Adolf, Birgit; Geling, Andrea; Lenhard, Boris; Becker, Thomas S. (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2007-03-06)
      We report evidence for a mechanism for the maintenance of long-range conserved synteny across vertebrate genomes. We found the largest mammal-teleost conserved chromosomal segments to be spanned by highly conserved noncoding ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Translog, a web browser for studying the expression divergence of homologous genes 

      Dong, Xianjun; Akalin, Altuna; Sharma, Yogita; Lenhard, Boris (BioMed Central, 2010-01-18)
      Background: Increasing amount of data from comparative genomics, and newly developed technologies producing accurate gene expression data facilitate the study of the expression divergence of homologous genes. Previous ...
      Journal article