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    • Bioethical Implications of Globalization: An International Consortium Project of the European Commission 

      Novotny, Thomas E.; Mordini, Emilio; Chadwick, Ruth; Pedersen, J. Martin; Fabbri, Fabrizio; Lie, Reidar K.; Thanachaiboot, Natapong; Mossialos, Elias; Permanand, Govin (Public Library of Science, 2006-01-24)
      The term “globalization” was popularized by Marshall McLuhan in War and Peace in the Global Village. In the book, McLuhan described how the global media shaped current events surrounding the Vietnam War [1] and also predicted ...
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    • Biofilm and dental biomaterials 

      Øilo, Marit; Bakken, Vidar (MDPI, 2015-05-26)
      All treatment involving the use of biomaterials in the body can affect the host in positive or negative ways. The microbiological environment in the oral cavity is affected by the composition and shape of the biomaterials ...
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    • Bioinformatic and Genetic Association Analysis of MicroRNA Target Sites in One-Carbon Metabolism Genes 

      Stone, Nicole; Pangilinan, Faith; Molloy, Anne M.; Shane, Barry; Scott, John M.; Ueland, Per Magne; Mills, James L.; Kirke, Peader N.; Sethupathy, Praveen; Brody, Lawrence C. (Public Library of Science, 2011-07-12)
      One-carbon metabolism (OCM) is linked to DNA synthesis and methylation, amino acid metabolism and cell proliferation. OCM dysfunction has been associated with increased risk for various diseases, including cancer and ...
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    • Biological Characteristics of Stem-Like Cells in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma 

      Liang, Xiao (The University of Bergen, 2013-06-18)
      It has been shown that many solid malignancies, including oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC), contain a small population of tumorigenic cells referred to as cancer stem-like cells (CSCs) or tumor initiating cells (TICs). ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Biological mechanisms for chronic fatigue in primary Sjøgren`s syndrome 

      Norheim, Katrine Brække (The University of Bergen, 2012-06-15)
      Background: Primary Sjøgren`s syndrome (pSS) is a chronic autoimmune disease, characterised by lymphocytic infiltration of exocrine glands and autoantibody production. Fatigue is a frequent phenomenon in pSS, associated ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Biological responses of dental pulp stem cells to surfaces modified by collagen 1 and fibronectin 

      Omer, Abedelfattah Atif Taher (The University of Bergen, 2014-01-18)
      Collagen 1 and fibronectin are extracellular matrix proteins that contribute in cell activity and involve in regulating dental pulp stem cells. The purpose of this in vitro study was to investigate the effect of collagen ...
      Master thesis
    • Biological Responses to Aliphatic Polyester Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications 

      Idris, Shaza Bushra (The University of Bergen, 2010-12-03)
      Currently, various strategies are used to stimulate healing of bone defects and restore lost alveolar bone and periodontal support. The concept of tissue engineering has emerged as a valid approach to the current therapies ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Biomarker profiles in serum and saliva of experimental Sjögren's syndrome: associations with specific autoimmune manifestations 

      Delaleu, Nicolas Hervé; Immervoll, Heike; Cornelius, Janet; Jonsson, Roland (BioMed Central, 2008-02-20)
      Introduction Sjögren's syndrome (SS) is a systemic autoimmune disease that mainly targets the exocrine glands. The aim of this study was to investigate the involvement of 87 proteins measured in serum and 75 proteins ...
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    • Biomarkers and Algorithms for the Diagnosis of Vitamin B12 Deficiency 

      Hannibal, Luciana; Lysne, Vegard; Bjørke-Monsen, Anne-Lise; Behringer, Sidney; Grünert, Sarah C.; Spiekerkoetter, Ute; Jacobsen, Donald W.; Blom, Henk J. (Frontiers, 2016-06-27)
      Vitamin B12 (cobalamin, Cbl, B12) is an indispensable water-soluble micronutrient that serves as a coenzyme for cytosolic methionine synthase (MS) and mitochondrial methylmalonyl-CoA mutase (MCM). Deficiency of Cbl, ...
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    • Biomarkers and echocardiographic predictors of myocardial dysfunction in patients with hypertension 

      Bielecka-Dabrowa, Agata; Michalska-Kasiczak, Marta; Gluba, Anna; Ahmed, Ali; Gerdts, Eva; von Haehling, Stephan; Rysz, Jacek; Banach, Maciej (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-03-09)
      The study aimed to identify early echocardiographic and circulating biomarkers of heart failure (HF) in hypertensive patients with normal resting echocardiography. Echocardiography at rest and during exercise, and selected ...
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    • Biomarkers in breast cancer, with special focus on tumor cell proliferation 

      Knutsvik, Gøril (The University of Bergen, 2016-10-31)
      Background: Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease encompassing distinct subtypes that differ in incidence and prognosis. Better characterization of established biomarkers and exploration of novel biomarkers and possible ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Biomarkers related to carotid intima-media thickness and plaques in long-term survivors of ischemic stroke 

      Waje-Andreassen, Ulrike; Næss, Halvor; Thomassen, Lars; Marøy, Tove Helene; Mazengia, Kibret Yimer; Eide, Geir Egil; Vedeler, Christian A. (Springer, 2015-05-08)
      Lifestyle risk factors, inflammation and genetics play a role in the development of atherosclerosis. We therefore studied Fc gamma receptor (FcγR) polymorphisms, interleukin (IL)-10 polymorphisms and other biomarkers related ...
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    • Biomedical Image Processing in the Study of Living Cells 

      Hodneland, Erlend (The University of Bergen, 2008-12-09)
      Doctoral thesis
    • Biophysical and biological effects from infrared Low-Level-Laser-Therapy 

      Joensen, Jon (The University of Bergen, 2013-08-15)
      Introduction: Physiotherapists have since the early days of the profession utilized electro physical agents (EPAs) as part of their intervention toolbox. A prerequisite for application of all EPAs is that the applied energy ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Birth after preeclamptic pregnancies: association with allergic sensitization and allergic rhinoconjunctivitis in late childhood; a historically matched cohort study 

      Byberg, Kristine Kjer; Øglænd, Bjørn Edvin; Eide, Geir Egil; Øymar, Knut (BioMed Central, 2014-04-11)
      Background: The development of allergic sensitization and allergic disease may be related to factors during intrauterine life, but the role of maternal preeclampsia is not known. We studied if maternal preeclampsia is ...
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    • Birth length and weight as predictors of breast cancer prognosis 

      Mæhle, Bjørn Ove; Vatten, Lars J.; Tretli, Steinar (BioMed Central, 2010-03-26)
      Background Birth size, and particularly birth length, is positively associated with breast cancer risk in adulthood. The objective of this study was to examine whether birth size is associated with survival among breast ...
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    • Birth prevalence of congenital heart defects in Norway 1994-2009—A nationwide study 

      Leirgul, Elisabeth; Fomina, Tatiana; Brodwall, Kristoffer; Greve, Gottfried; Holmstrøm, Henrik; Vollset, Stein Emil; Tell, Grethe Seppola; Øyen, Nina (Elsevier, 2014-08-10)
      Background The reasons for decreasing birth prevalence of congenital heart defects (CHDs) in several European countries and Canada are not fully understood. We present CHD prevalence among live births, stillbirths, and ...
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    • Births in two different delivery units in the same clinic - A prospective study of healthy primiparous women 

      Eide, Britt Ingeborg; Nilsen, Anne Britt Vika; Rasmussen, Svein (BioMed Central, 2009-06-22)
      Background: Earlier studies indicate that midwife-led birth settings are associated with modest benefits, including reduced medical interventions and increased maternal satisfaction. The generalizability of these studies ...
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    • Birthweight and childhood cancer: Preliminary findings from the international childhood cancer cohort consortium (I4C) 

      Paltiel, Ora; Tikellis, Gabriella; Linet, Martha; Golding, Jean; Lemeshow, Stanley; Phillips, Gary; Lamb, Karen; Stoltenberg, Camilla; Håberg, Siri Eldevik; Strøm, Marin; Granstrøm, Charlotta; Northstone, Kate; Klebanoff, Mark; Ponsonby, Anne-Louise; Milne, Elizabeth; Pedersen, Marie; Kogevinas, Manolis; Ha, Eunhee; Dwyer, Terence (Wiley, 2015-07)
      Background: Evidence relating childhood cancer to high birthweight is derived primarily from registry and case–control studies. We aimed to investigate this association, exploring the potential modifying roles of age ...
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    • Bisfosfonatindusert osteonekrose i kjevene 

      Ipatova, Anna Sergeevna (The University of Bergen, 2009-04-27)
      Bisfosfonater er preparater som blir etter hvert mer og mer brukt i behandlingen av pasienter med multippel myelom, metastaserende bryst- og prostatakreft, Paget's sykdom, osteopeni og osteoporose. Det finnes ikke alternative ...
      Master thesis