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    • Nanodiamond modified copolymer scaffolds affects tumour progression of early neoplastic oral keratinocytes 

      Suliman, Salwa; Mustafa, Kamal Babikeir Eln; Krueger, Anke; Steinmüller-Nethl, Doris; Finne-Wistrand, Anna; Osdal, Tereza; Osman, Amani Hamza Ali; Sun, Yang; Parajuli, Himalaya; Waag, Thilo; Nickel, Joachim; Johannessen, Anne Christine; McCormack, Emmet; Costea, Daniela Elena (Elsevier, 2016-07)
      This study aimed to evaluate the tumorigenic potential of functionalising poly(LLA-co-CL) scaffolds. The copolymer scaffolds were functionalised with nanodiamonds (nDP) or with nDP and physisorbed BMP-2 (nDP-PHY) to enhance ...
      Journal article