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    • Breastfeeding and maternal health outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis 

      Chowdhury, Ranadip; Sinha, Bireshwar; Sankar, Mari Jeeva; Taneja, Sunita; Bhandari, Nita; Rollins, Nigel; Bahl, Rajiv; Martines, Jose Carlos (John Wiley & Sons Ltd on behalf of Foundation Acta Pædiatrica, 2015-11-04)
      Aim. To evaluate the effect of breastfeeding on long-term (breast carcinoma, ovarian carcinoma, osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes mellitus) and short-term (lactational amenorrhoea, postpartum depression, postpartum weight ...
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    • Early interruption of exclusive breastfeeding: results from the eight-country MAL-ED study 

      Patil, Crystal L.; Turab, Ali; Ambikapathi, Ramya; Nesamvuni, Cebisa; Chandyo, Ram K.; Bose, Anuradha; Islam, M. Munirul; Ahmed, A. M. Shamsir; Olortegui, Maribel Paredes; de Moraes, Milena Lima; Caulfield, Laura E. (BioMed Central, 2015-05-01)
      We report the infant feeding experiences in the first month of life for 2,053 infants participating in “Malnutrition and Enteric Infections: Consequences for Child Health and Development” (MAL-ED). Eight sites (in Bangladesh, ...
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    • Infant feeding practices in the Saharawirefugee camps Algeria, a cross-sectionalstudy among children from birth to sixmonths of age 

      Aakre, Inger; Lilleengen, Anne-Marie; Lerseth Aarsand, Marie; Strand, Tor A.; Barikmo, Ingrid; Henjum, Sigrun (BioMed Central, 2017-01-28)
      Background: Appropriate breastfeeding and infant feeding practices are crucial to a child’s growth and development. The objective of this paper is to describe breastfeeding and general feeding practices and the ...
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    • Interventions to improve breastfeeding outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis 

      Sinha, Bireshwar; Chowdhury, Ranadip; Sankar, Mari Jeeva; Martines, Jose Carlos; Taneja, Sunita; Mazumder, Sarmila; Rollins, Nigel; Bahl, Rajiv; Bhandari, Nita (John Wiley & Sons Ltd on behalf of Foundation Acta Pædiatrica, 2015-11-04)
      Aim. To provide comprehensive evidence of the effect of interventions on early initiation, exclusive, continued and any breastfeeding rates when delivered in five settings: (i) Health systems and services (ii) Home and ...
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