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    • Frequent somatic transfer of mitochondrial DNA into the nuclear genome of human cancer cells 

      Ju, Young Seok; Tubio, José M.C.; Mifsud, William; Fu, Beiyuan; Davies, Helen R; Ramakrishna, Manasa; Li, Yilong; Yates, Lucy; Gundem, Gunes; Tarpey, Patrick S.; Behjati, Sam; Papaemmanuil, Elli; Martin, Sancha; Fullam, Anthony; Gerstung, Moritz; Nangalia, Jyoti; Green, Anthony R.; Caldas, Carlos; Borg, Åke; Tutt, Andrew; Michael Lee, Ming Ta; Van't Veer, Laura J.; Tan, Benita K.T.; Aparicio, Samuel; Span, Paul N.; Martens, John W.M.; Knappskog, Stian; Vincent-Salomon, Anne; Børresen-Dale, Anne-Lise; Eyfjörd, Jorunn Erla; Flanagan, Adrienne M.; Foster, Christopher; Neal, David E.; Cooper, Colin; Eeles, Rosalind; Lakhani, Sunil R.; Desmedt, Christine; Thomas, Gilles; Richardson, Andrea L.; Purdie, Colin A.; Thompson, Alastair M.; McDermott, Ultan; Yang, Fengtang; Nik-Zainal, Serena; Campbell, Peter J.; Stratton, Michael R. (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2015)
      Mitochondrial genomes are separated from the nuclear genome for most of the cell cycle by the nuclear double membrane, intervening cytoplasm, and the mitochondrial double membrane. Despite these physical barriers, we show ...
      Journal article
    • Subtyping of breast cancer by immunohistochemistry to investigate a relationship between subtype and short and long term survival: a collaborative analysis of data for 10,159 cases from 12 studies 

      Schmidt, Marjanka K.; Leeuwen, Flora E. van; Wesseling, Jelle; Cheang, Maggie C. U.; Gelmon, Karen; Nielsen, Torsten O.; Blomqvist, Carl; Heikkilä, Päivi; Heikkinen, Tuomas; Broeks, Annegien; Nevanlinna, Heli; Akslen, Lars A.; Bégin, Louis R.; Foulkes, William D.; Couch, Fergus J.; Wang, Xianshu; Cafourek, Vicky; Olson, Janet E.; Baglietto, Laura; Giles, Graham G.; Severi, Gianluca; McLean, Catriona A.; Southey, Melissa C.; Rakha, Emad; Green, Andrew R.; Ellis, Ian O.; Sherman, Mark E.; Lissowska, Jolanta; Anderson, William F.; Cox, Angela; Cross, Simon S.; Reed, Malcolm W. R.; Provenzano, Elena; Dawson, Sarah-Jane; Dunning, Alison M.; Humphreys, Manjeet; Easton, Douglas F.; García-Closas, Montserrat; Caldas, Carlos; Pharoah, Paul D.; Huntsman, David G.; Blows, Fiona M.; Driver, Kristy E. (Public Library of Science, 2010-05-25)
      Background Immunohistochemical markers are often used to classify breast cancer into subtypes that are biologically distinct and behave differently. The aim of this study was to estimate mortality for patients with the ...
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