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    • Age-Related Dysfunction in Mechanotransduction Impairs Differentiation of Human Mammary Epithelial Progenitors 

      Pelissier, Fanny; Garbe, James C.; Ananthanarayanan, Badriprasad; Miyano, Masaru; Lin, ChunHan; Jokela, Tiina; Kumar, Sanjay; Stampfer, Martha R.; Lorens, James; LaBarge, Mark A. (Elsevier, 2014-06-26)
      Dysfunctional progenitor and luminal cells with acquired basal cell properties accumulate during human mammary epithelial aging for reasons not understood. Multipotent progenitors from women aged <30 years were exposed ...
      Journal article
    • High-Dimensional Phenotyping Identifies Age-Emergent Cells in Human Mammary Epithelia 

      Pelissier, Fanny; Schapiro, Denis; Chang, Hang; Borowsky, Alexander D.; Lee, Jonathan K.; Parvin, Bahram; Stampfer, Martha R.; LaBarge, Mark A.; Bodenmiller, Bernd; Lorens, James B. (Cell Press, 2018-04)
      Aging is associated with tissue-level changes in cellular composition that are correlated with increased susceptibility to disease. Aging human mammary tissue shows skewed progenitor cell potency, resulting in diminished ...
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