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    • The Swedish Snus and the Sudanese Toombak: are they different? 

      Idris, Ali M.; Ibrahim, Salah Osman; Vasstrand, Endre N.; Johannessen, Anne Christine; Lillehaug, Johan; Magnusson, Bengt; Wallström, M.; Hirsch, Jan M.; Nilsen, Rune (Elsevier Science Ltd., 1998-11)
      In Sweden, snuff (locally known as snus), was introduced since the year 1637. Presently, Sweden has the highest per capita consumption and sale figures of snuff in the world, and the habit is becoming increasingly popular. ...
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    • Toombak Use and Cigarette Smoking in the Sudan: Estimates of Prevalence in the Nile State 

      Idris, Ali M.; Ibrahim, Y. E.; Warnakulasuriya, K. A. A. Saman; Cooper, D. J.; Johnson, N. W.; Nilsen, Rune (American Health Foundation and Academic Press, 1998-07)
      Background. Survey data on the prevalence of use of oral snuff (toombak) and cigarette consumption according to various demographic factors are needed in the Sudan. Methods. A house to house cross-sectional survey of a ...
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