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    • Distinct multivariate brain morphological patterns and their added predictive value with cognitive and polygenic risk scores in mental disorders 

      Doan, Nhat Trung; Kaufmann, Tobias; Bettella, Francesco; Jørgensen, Kjetil Nordbø; Brandt, Christine Lycke; Moberget, Torgeir; Alnæs, Dag; Douaud, Gwenaëlle; Duff, Eugene; Djurovic, Srdjan; Melle, Ingrid; Ueland, Torill; Agartz, Ingrid; Andreassen, Ole Andreas; Westlye, Lars Tjelta (Elsevier, 2017-06-09)
      The brain underpinnings of schizophrenia and bipolar disorders are multidimensional, reflecting complex pathological processes and causal pathways, requiring multivariate techniques to disentangle. Furthermore, little is ...
      Journal article
    • A study of TNF pathway activation in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in plasma and brain tissue 

      Hoseth, Eva Zsuzsanna; Ueland, Thor; Dieset, Ingrid; Birnbaum, Rebecca; Shin, Joo Heon; Kleinman, Joel Edward; Hyde, Thomas Michael; Mørch, Ragni Helene; Hope, Sigrun; Lekva, Tove; Abraityte, Judita Aurelija; Michelsen, Annika; Melle, Ingrid; Westlye, Lars Tjelta; Ueland, Torill; Djurovic, Srdjan; Aukrust, Pål; Weinberger, Daniel R.; Andreassen, Ole Andreas (Oxford University Press, 2017-07)
      Objective: A proinflammatory imbalance in the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) system may contribute to the pathogenesis of schizophrenia (SCZ) and bipolar disorders (BDs) and related comorbidities. We investigated the relative ...
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