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    • Loss of health certificates among offshore petroleum workers on the Norwegian Continental Shelf 2002-2010 

      Horneland, Alf Magne; Moen, Bente Elisabeth; Holte, Kari Anne; Merkus, Suzanne L.; Ellingsen, Kjersti Lunde; Carter, Tim; Aas, Randi Wågø; Ulven, Arne Johan (Via Medica, 2011)
      Background: A health certificate is required to work on the offshore petroleum installations of the Norwegian Shelf. Loss of health certificate (“loss of licence”, LOL) may cause economic problems for the individual ...
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    • Mortality among retired offshore divers in Norway 

      Irgens, Ågot; Djurhuus, Rune; Grønning, Marit (Via Medica, 2015)
      Background: Health effects of diving have been observed in divers who have not experienced any diving related accidents. The aim of the study was to study total, and cause specific mortality, in Norwegian retired professional ...
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