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    • Level of education and multiple sclerosis risk after adjustment for known risk factors: The EnvIMS study 

      Bjørnevik, Kjetil Lauvland; Riise, Trond; Cortese, Marianna; Holmøy, Trygve; Kampman, Margitta Theodora; Magalhaes, Sandra; Myhr, Kjell-Morten; Wolfson, Christina; Pugliatti, Maura (SAGE, 2015-05-26)
      Background: Several recent studies have found a higher risk of multiple sclerosis (MS) among people with a low level of education. This has been suggested to reflect an effect of smoking and lower vitamin D status in the ...
      Journal article
    • Level of education and multiple sclerosis risk over a 50-year period: Registry-based sibling study 

      Bjørnevik, Kjetil; Riise, Trond; Benjaminsen, Espen; Celius, Elisabeth Gulowsen; Dahl, Ole-Petter; Kampman, Margitta Theodora; Løken-Amsrud, Kristin Ingeleiv; Midgard, Rune; Myhr, Kjell-Morten; Torkildsen, Øivind; Vatne, Anita; Grytten, Nina (Sage, 2017)
      Background: The conflicting results from studies on socioeconomic status (SES) and multiple sclerosis (MS) risk might be due to a change in the distribution of environmental exposures over time or to methodological limitations ...
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