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    • Leukocyte transmigration into tissue-engineered constructs is influenced by endothelial cells through Toll-like receptor signaling 

      Bartaula-Brevik, Sushma; Pedersen, Torbjorn Østvik; Blois, Anna L; Papadakou, Panagiota; Finne-Wistrand, Anna; Xue, Ying; Bolstad, Anne Isine; Mustafa, Kamal Babikeir Eln (BioMed Central, 2014-12-20)
      Introduction Inflammation plays a crucial role in tissue regeneration, wound healing, and the success of tissue-engineered constructs. The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of human umbilical vein endothelial ...
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    • Multimodal Imaging of Physiologic Changes Induced by Anti-Angiogenic Therapy in Glioblastoma 

      Keunen, Olivier (The University of Bergen, 2014-12-18)
      Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most frequent and malignant form of primary brain tumors. The standard of care for this disease consists in surgical resection, followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Yet, the infiltrative ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Integrating protein structural dynamics and evolutionary analysis with Bio3D 

      Skjærven, Lars; Yao, Xin-Qiu; Scarabelli, Guido; Grant, Barry J. (BioMed Central, 2014-12-10)
      Background: Popular bioinformatics approaches for studying protein functional dynamics include comparisons of crystallographic structures, molecular dynamics simulations and normal mode analysis. However, determining how ...
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    • Rapid adherence to collagen IV enriches for tumour initiating cells in oral cancer. 

      Liang, Xiao; Osman, Tarig Al-Hadi; Sapkota, Dipak; Neppelberg, Evelyn; Lybak, Stein; Liavaag, Per Gunnar; Johannessen, Anne Christine; jacobsen, hk; Enger, Per Øyvind; Costea, Daniela Elena; Wang, Jian (Elsevier, 2014-12)
      Background: Although several approaches for identification and isolation of carcinoma cells with tumour initiating properties have been established, enrichment of a population of pure and viable tumour-initiating cells ...
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    • Quantification of the concentration gradient of biomarkers between ovarian carcinoma interstitial fluid and blood 

      Haslene-Hox, Hanne; Madani, Amina; Berg, Kaja Christine Graue; Woie, Kathrine; Salvesen, Helga B.; Wiig, Helge; Tenstad, Olav (Elsevier, 2014-12)
      Background: Tumor interstitial fluid (TIF) rather than plasma should be used in cancer biomarker discovery because of the anticipated higher concentration of locally produced proteins in the tumor microenvironment. Nevertheless, ...
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    • Two-stage translational control of dentate gyrus LTP consolidation is mediated by sustained BDNF-TrkB signaling to MNK 

      Panja, Debabrata; Kenney, Justin W.; D'Andrea, Laura; Zalfa, Francesca; Vedeler, Anni; Wibrand, Karin; Fukunaga, Rikiro; Bagni, Claudia; Proud, Christopher G.; Bramham, Clive R. (Cell Press, 2014-11-20)
      BDNF signaling contributes to protein-synthesis-dependent synaptic plasticity, but the dynamics of TrkB signaling and mechanisms of translation have not been defined. Here, we show that long-term potentiation (LTP) ...
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    • Post-translational modifications of integrin ligands as pathogenic mechanisms in disease 

      Zeltz, Cedric; Gullberg, Donald (Elsevier, 2014-11)
      Protein post-translational modifications like glycation, carbamylation and citrullination increase the functional diversity of the proteome but in disease situations might do more harm than good. Post-translational ...
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    • Novel Points of Attack for Targeted Cancer Therapy 

      Røsland, Gro Vatne; Engelsen, Agnete Svendsen Tennfjord (WileyNordic Association for the Publication of BCPT, 2014-10-30)
      New molecular insight reveals novel points of attack for targeted cancer therapy. The recent advances in cancer genomics and novel insight into the complex biology of cancer make the promise of personalized, targeted cancer ...
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    • The laminin response in inflammatory bowel disease: Protection or malignancy? 

      Spenle, Caroline; Lefebvre, Olivier; Lacroute, Joel; Mechine-Neuville, Agnes; Barreau, Frederick; Blottiere, Herve M; Duclos, Bernard; Arnold, Christiane; Hussenet, Thomas; Hemmerle, Joseph; Gullberg, Donald; Kedinger, Michele; Sorokin, Lydia; Orend, Gertraud; Simon-Assmann, Patricia (PLoS, 2014-10-27)
      Laminins (LM), basement membrane molecules and mediators of epithelial-stromal communication, are crucial in tissue homeostasis. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) are multifactorial pathologies where the microenvironment ...
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    • Bevacizumab treatment induces metabolic adaptation toward anaerobic metabolism in glioblastomas 

      Fack, Fred; Espedal, Heidi; Keunen, Olivier; Golebiewska, Anna; Obad, Nina; Harter, Patrick N.; Mittelbronn, Michel; Bähr, Oliver; Weyerbrock, Astrid; Stuhr, Linda Elin Birkhaug; Miletic, Hrvoje; Sakariassen, Per Øystein; Stieber, Daniel; Brekke, Cecilie; Lund-Johansen, Morten; Zheng, Liang; Gottlieb, Eyal; Niclou, Simone; Bjerkvig, Rolf (Springer, 2014-10-17)
      Anti-angiogenic therapy in glioblastoma (GBM) has unfortunately not led to the anticipated improvement in patient prognosis. We here describe how human GBM adapts to bevacizumab treatment at the metabolic level. By performing ...
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    • Exploring the human plasma proteome for humoral mediators of remote ischemic preconditioning - A word of caution 

      Helgeland, Erik; Breivik, Lars Ertesvåg; Vaudel, Marc; Svendsen, Øyvind Sverre; Garberg, Hilde Kristin; Nordrehaug, Jan Erik; Berven, Frode S.; Jonassen, Anne Kristin (PLoS, 2014-10-15)
      Despite major advances in early revascularization techniques, cardiovascular diseases are still the leading cause of death worldwide, and myocardial infarctions contribute heavily to this. Over the past decades, it has ...
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    • Semaphorin 3A and Class 4 Semaphorins in Tooth Innervation and Development 

      Shrestha, Anjana (The University of Bergen, 2014-10-10)
      Background: Dental trigeminal axon elongation, navigation and patterning occur in a controlled manner that is intimately linked to tooth shape formation and cell differentiation. Development of tooth results from sequential ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • A co-culture model with brain tumor-specific bioluminescence demonstrates astrocyte-induced drug resistance in glioblastoma 

      Yang, Ning; Yan, Tao; Zhu, Huaiyang; Liang, Xiao; Leiss, Lina; Sakariassen, Per Øystein; Skaftnesmo, Kai Ove; Huang, Bin; Costea, Daniela Elena; Enger, Per Øyvind; Li, Xingang; Wang, Jian (BioMed Central, 2014-10-04)
      Background: Although several studies suggest that stromal fibroblasts mediate treatment resistance in several cancer types, little is known about how tumor-associated astrocytes modulate the treatment response in brain ...
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    • Dynamic contrast enhanced MRI detects early response to adoptive NK cellular immunotherapy targeting the NG2 proteoglycan in a rat model of glioblastoma 

      Brekke, Cecilie; Wang, Jian; Thuen, Marte; Gras Navarro, Andrea; Huuse-Røneid, Else Marie; Thorsen, Frits Alan; Poli, Aurélie; Zimmer, Jacques; Haraldseth, Olav; Lie, Stein Atle; Enger, Per Øyvind; Chekenya, Martha (Public Library of Science, 2014-09-30)
      There are currently no established radiological parameters that predict response to immunotherapy. We hypothesised that multiparametric, longitudinal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of physiological parameters and ...
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    • Multimodal imaging of gliomas in the context of evolving cellular and molecular therapies 

      Keunen, Olivier; Taxt, Torfinn; Grüner, Renate; Lund-Johansen, Morten; Tonn, Joerg-Christian; Pavlin, Tina; Bjerkvig, Rolf; Niclou, Simone P.; Thorsen, Frits Alan (Elsevier, 2014-09-30)
      The vastmajority ofmalignant gliomas relapse after surgery and standard radio-chemotherapy. Novelmolecular and cellular therapies are thus being developed, targeting specific aspects of tumor growth.While histopathology remains ...
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    • U-251 revisited: genetic drift and phenotypic consequences of long-term cultures of glioblastoma cells 

      Torsvik, Anja; Stieber, Daniel; enger, per øyvind; Golebiewska, Anna; Molven, Anders; Svendsen, Agnete; Westermark, Bengt; Niclou, Simone P.; Olsen, Thale Kristin; Chekenya, PhD, Dr Philos, Dr. Martha; Bjerkvig, Rolf (Wiley, 2014-08)
      It is well known that in vitro subculture represents a selection pressure on cell lines, and over time this may result in a genetic drift in the cancer cells. In addition, long-term cultures harbor the risk of cross-contamination ...
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    • Molecular composition and function of integrin-based collagen glues—Introducing COLINBRIs 

      Zeltz, Cedric; Orgel, Joseph; Gullberg, Donald (Elsevier, 2014-08)
      Background: Despite detailed knowledge about the structure and signaling properties of individual collagen receptors, much remains to be learned about how these receptors participate in linking cells to fibrillar ...
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    • Fibroblast α11β1 Integrin Regulates Tensional Homeostasis in Fibroblast/A549 Carcinoma Heterospheroids 

      Lu, Ning; Karlsen, Tine Veronica; Reed, Rolf K.; Kusche-Gullberg, Marion; Gullberg, Donald (PLoS, 2014-07-30)
      We have previously shown that fibroblast expression of α11β1 integrin stimulates A549 carcinoma cell growth in a xenograft tumor model. To understand the molecular mechanisms whereby a collagen receptor on fibroblast can ...
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    • Colorectal cancer derived organotypic spheroids maintain essential tissue characteristics but adapt their metabolism in culture 

      Rajcevic, Uros; Knol, Jaco C; Piersma, Sander; Bougnaud, Sébastien; Fack, Fred; Sundlisæter, Eirik; Søndenaa, Karl; Myklebust, Reidar; Pham, Thang V.; Niclou, Simone P.; Jiménez, Connie R. (BioMed Central, 2014-07-11)
      Background: Organotypic tumor spheroids, a 3D in vitro model derived from patient tumor material, preserve tissue heterogeneity and retain structural tissue elements, thus replicating the in vivo tumor more closely than ...
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    • Automated Quantification and Integrative Analysis of 2D and 3D Mitochondrial Shape and Network Properties 

      Nikolaisen, Julie; Nilsson, Linn Iren Hodneland; Pettersen, Ina Katrine Nitschke; Willems, Peter H. G. M.; Lorens, James B.; Koopman, Werner J. H.; Tronstad, Karl Johan (PLoS, 2014-07-02)
      Mitochondrial morphology and function are coupled in healthy cells, during pathological conditions and (adaptation to) endogenous and exogenous stress. In this sense mitochondrial shape can range from small globular ...
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