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    • Altered metabolic landscape in IDH‐mutant gliomas affects phospholipid, energy, and oxidative stress pathways 

      Fack, Fred; Tardito, Saverio; Hochart, Guillaume; Oudin, Anaïs; Zheng, Liang; Fritah, Sabrina; Golebiewska, Anna; Nazarov, Petr; Bernard, Amandine; Hau, Ann-Christin; Keunen, Olivier; Leenders, William P.J.; Lund-Johansen, Morten; Stauber, Jonathan; Gottlieb, Eyal; Bjerkvig, Rolf; Niclou, Simone Pierrette (EMBO Press, 2017)
      Heterozygous mutations in NADP‐dependent isocitrate dehydrogenases (IDH) define the large majority of diffuse gliomas and are associated with hypermethylation of DNA and chromatin. The metabolic dysregulations imposed by ...
      Journal article
    • Glioblastomas are composed of genetically divergent clones with distinct tumourigenic potential and variable stem cell-associated phenotypes 

      Stieber, Daniel; Golebiewska, Anna; Evers, Lisa; Lenkiewicz, Elizabeth; Brons, Nicolas H.C.; Nicot, Nathalie; Oudin, Anaïs; Bougnaud, Sébastien; Hertel, Frank; Bjerkvig, Rolf; Vallar, Laurent; Barrett, Michael T.; Niclou, Simone P. (Springer, 2014-02)
      Glioblastoma (GBM) is known to be a heterogeneous disease; however, the genetic composition of the cells within a given tumour is only poorly explored. In the advent of personalised medicine the understanding of intra-tumoural ...
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    • POU3f2 in human gliomas - Expression pattern and functional role 

      Lellahi, Seyed Mohammad (The University of Bergen, 2014-06-02)
      Gliomas are tumors of the central nervous system (CNS). They are responsible for about 28% of all central nervous system tumors and for 80% of all malignant brain tumors. The most commonly used classification and grading ...
      Master thesis