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    • Enhanced gene expression from retroviral vectors 

      Blø, Magnus; Micklem, David R.; Lorens, James B. (BioMed Central, 2008-02-25)
      Background: Retroviruses are widely used to transfer genes to mammalian cells efficiently and stably. However, genetic elements required for high-level gene expression are incompatible with standard systems. The retroviral ...
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    • Expression of the progenitor marker NG2/CSPG4 predicts poor survival and resistance to ionising radiation in glioblastoma 

      Svendsen, Agnete; Verhoeff, Joost J. C.; Immervoll, Heike; Brøgger, Jan C.; Kmiecik, Justyna; Poli, Aurélie; Netland, Inger A.; Planagumà, Jesús; Torsvik, Anja; Sakariassen, Per Øystein; Bjerkvig, Rolf; Enger, Per Øyvind; Tronstad, Karl Johan (Springer, 2011-08-24)
      Glioblastoma (GBM) is a highly aggressive brain tumour, where patients respond poorly to radiotherapy and exhibit dismal survival outcomes. The mechanisms of radioresistance are not completely understood. However, cancer ...
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    • Fibroblast EXT1-Levels Influence Tumor Cell Proliferation and Migration in Composite Spheroids 

      Österholm, Cecilia; Lu, Ning; Lidén, Åsa; Karlsen, Tine V.; Gullberg, Donald; Reed, Rolf K.; Kusche-Gullberg, Marion (Public Library of Science, 2012-07-25)
      Background: Stromal fibroblasts are important determinants of tumor cell behavior. They act to condition the tumor microenvironment, influence tumor growth, support tumor angiogenesis and affect tumor metastasis. Heparan ...
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    • Filamin A binds to CCR2B and regulates its internalization 

      Minsaas, Laura; Planagumà, Jesús; Madziva, Michael; Krakstad, Beate F.; Masià-Balagué, Míriam; Katz, Arieh A.; Aragay, Anna M. (Public Library of Science, 2010-08-17)
      The chemokine (C-C motif) receptor 2B (CCR2B) is one of the two isoforms of the receptor for monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (CCL2), the major chemoattractant for monocytes, involved in an array of chronic inflammatory ...
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    • Filamin A-Hinge Region 1-EGFP: A Novel Tool for Tracking the Cellular Functions of Filamin A in Real-Time 

      Planagumà, Jesús; Minsaas, Laura; Pons, Mónica; Myhren, Lene Elisabeth; Garrido, Georgina; Aragay, Anna M. (Public Library of Science, 2012-08-01)
      Background: Filamin A (FLNa) is an actin-crosslinking protein necessary for stabilizing the cell surface, organizing protrusive activity and for promoting efficient cellular translocation. Recently, our group demonstrated ...
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    • Hyperoxic Treatment Induces Mesenchymal-to-Epithelial Transition in a Rat Adenocarcinoma Model 

      Moen, Ingrid; Øyan, Anne Margrete; Kalland, Karl-Henning; Tronstad, Karl Johan; Akslen, Lars A.; Chekenya, Martha; Sakariassen, Per Øystein; Reed, Rolf K.; Stuhr, Linda Elin Birkhaug (Public Library of Science, 2009-07-28)
      Tumor hypoxia is relevant for tumor growth, metabolism and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT). We report that hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) treatment induced mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition (MET) in a dimetyl-a-b ...
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    • Proteogenomic Analysis of Polymorphisms and Gene Annotation Divergences in Prokaryotes using a Clustered Mass Spectrometry-Friendly Database 

      De Souza, Gustavo A.; Arntzen, Magnus Øverlie; Fortuin, Suereta; Schürch, Anita; Målen, Hiwa; McEvoy, Christopher R.; Van Soolingen, Dick; Thiede, Bernd; Warren, Robin M.; Wiker, Harald G. (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2011-01)
      Precise annotation of genes or open reading frames is still a difficult task that results in divergence even for data generated from the same genomic sequence. This has an impact in further proteomic studies, and also ...
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