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    • Gestational Age Patterns of Fetal and Neonatal Mortality in Europe: Results from the Euro-Peristat Project 

      Mohangoo, Ashna D.; Buitendijk, Simone E.; Szamotulska, Katarzyna; Chalmers, Jim; Irgens, Lorentz M.; Bolumar, Francisco; Nijhuis, Jan G.; Zeitlin, Jennifer (Public Library of Science, 2011-11-16)
      Background: The first European Perinatal Health Report showed wide variability between European countries in fetal (2.6– 9.1%) and neonatal (1.6–5.7%) mortality rates in 2004. We investigated gestational age patterns of ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Varying gestational age patterns in cesarean delivery: an international comparison 

      Delnord, Marie; Blondel, Béatrice; Drewniak, Nicolas; Klungsøyr, Kari; Bolumar, Francisco; Mohangoo, Ashna; Gissler, Mika; Szamotulska, Katarzyna; Lack, Nicholas; Nijhuis, Jan; Velebil, Petr; Sakkeus, Luule; Chalmers, James; Zeitlin, Jennifer; Euro-Peristat Preterm Group (BioMed Central, 2014-09-13)
      Background: While international variations in overall cesarean delivery rates are well documented, less information is available for clinical sub-groups. Cesarean data presented by subgroups can be used to evaluate uptake ...
      Journal article