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    • Acute effects of orexigenic antipsychotic drugs on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in rat 

      Jassim, Goran; Skrede, Silje; Vázquez, María Jesús; Wergedahl, Hege; Vik-Mo, Audun O.; Lunder, Niclas; Diéguez, Carlos; Vidal-Puig, Antonio; Berge, Rolf Kristian; López, Miguel; Steen, Vidar Martin; Fernø, Johan (Springer, 2011-07-12)
      This study aims to investigate whether orexigenic antipsychotic drugs may induce dyslipidemia and glucose disturbances in female rats through direct perturbation of metabolically active peripheral tissues, independent of ...
      Journal article
    • Lipogenic effects of antipsychotic drugs in cultured cells and in rat 

      Fernø, Johan (The University of Bergen, 2007-05-10)
      The etiology of the serious psychiatric disorder schizophrenia is unknown. Epidemiological studies indicate a high heritability with a complex pattern of transmission. Moreover, structural and genetic findings indicate ...
      Doctoral thesis