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    • FGD5 amplification in breast cancer patients is associated with tumor proliferation and a poorer prognosis 

      Valla, Marit; Engstrøm, Monica J; Ytterhus, Borgny; Hansen, Åse Kristin Skain; Akslen, Lars A.; Vatten, Lars Johan; Opdahl, Signe; Bofin, Anna M. (Springer, 2017-04)
      Purpose: Proliferation is a hallmark of cancer. Using a combined genomic approach, FGD5 amplification has been identified as a driver of proliferation in Luminal breast cancer. We aimed to describe FGD5 copy number change ...
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    • The MDM4 SNP34091 (rs4245739) C-allele is associated with increased risk of ovarian—but not endometrial cancer 

      Gansmo, Liv Beathe; Bjørnslett, Merete Pauline; Halle, Mari Kyllesø; Salvesen, Helga Birgitte; Dørum, Anne; Birkeland, Einar Elvbakken; Hveem, Kristian; Romundstad, Pål Richard; Vatten, Lars Johan; Lønning, Per Eystein; Knappskog, Stian (Springer, 2016-02-11)
      The MDM4 protein (also known as MDMX or HDMX) is a negative regulator of p53, not only by direct interaction but also through its interaction with MDM2. Further, MDM4 overexpression and amplification have been observed in ...
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    • Molecular Subtypes of Breast Cancer: Long-term Incidence Trends and Prognostic Differences 

      Valla, Marit; Vatten, Lars Johan; Engstrøm, Monica J; Haugen, Olav Anton; Akslen, Lars A.; Bjørngaard, Johan Håkon; Hagen, Anne Irene; Ytterhus, Borgny; Bofin, Anna M.; Opdahl, Signe (American Association for Cancer Research, 2016-12)
      Background: Secular trends in incidence and prognosis of molecular breast cancer subtypes are poorly described. We studied long-term trends in a population of Norwegian women born 1886–1977. Methods: A total of ...
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    • Molecular subtypes, histopathological grade and survival in a historic cohort of breast cancer patients 

      Engstrøm, Monica J; Opdahl, Signe; Hagen, Anne Irene; Romundstad, Pål Richard; Akslen, Lars A.; Haugen, Olav A.; Vatten, Lars Johan; Bofin, Anna M. (Springer, 2013-08)
      Molecular subtyping of breast cancer may provide additional prognostic information regarding patient outcome. However, its clinical significance remains to be established. In this study, the main aims were to discover ...
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