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    • F18-FDG-PET for recurrent differentiated thyroid cancer: a systematic meta-analysis 

      Haslerud, Torjan Magne; Brauckhoff, Katrin; Reisæter, Lars Anders Rokne; Lein, Regina Küfner; Heinecke, A.; Varhaug, Jan Erik; Biermann, Martin (SAGE, 2015-07-09)
      Background Positron emission tomography (PET) with fluor-18-deoxy-glucose (FDG) is widely used for diagnosing recurrent or metastatic disease in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC). Purpose To assess the ...
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    • Factors influencing on-scene time in a rural Norwegian helicopter emergency medical service: A retrospective observational study 

      Østerås, Øyvind; Heltne, Jon-Kenneth; Vikenes, Bjarne H; Assmus, Jörg; Brattebø, Guttorm (BioMed Central, 2017-09-21)
      Background: Critically ill patients need to be immediately identified, properly managed, and rapidly transported to definitive care. Extensive prehospital times may increase mortality in selected patient groups. The on-scene ...
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    • Factors predicting the use of therapeutic hypothermia and survival in unconscious out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients admitted to the ICU 

      Lindner, Thomas Werner; Langørgen, Jørund; Sunde, Kjetil; Larsen, Alf Inge; Kvaløy, Jan Terje; Heltne, Jon-Kenneth; Drægni, Tomas; Søreide, Eldar (BioMed Central, 2013-07-23)
      Introduction: Therapeutic hypothermia (TH) after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) was adopted early in Norway. Since 2004 the general recommendation has been to cool all unconscious OHCA patients treated in the intensive ...
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    • Faecal calprotectin concentrations in apparently healthy children aged 0-12 years in urban Kampala, Uganda: a community-based survey 

      Hestvik, Elin; Tumwine, James K.; Tylleskär, Thorkild; Grahnquist, Lena; Ndeezi, Grace; Kaddu-Mulindwa, Deogratias H.; Aksnes, Lage; Olafsdottir, Edda (BioMed Central, 2011-02-02)
      Background: Calprotectin is a calcium and zinc binding protein, abundant in neutrophils and is extremely stable in faeces. Faecal calprotectin is used as a non-specific marker for gastrointestinal inflammation. It has a ...
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    • Failure of aseptic revision total knee arthroplasties: 145 Revision failures from the Norwegian Arthroplasty Register, 1994-2011 

      Leta, Tesfaye Hordofa; Lygre, Stein Håkon Låstad; Skredderstuen, Arne Kr; Hallan, Geir; Furnes, Ove (Taylor & Francis, 2015-07-30)
      Background and purpose — In Norway, the proportion of revision knee arthroplasties increased from 6.9% in 1994 to 8.5% in 2011. However, there is limited information on the epidemiology and causes of subsequent failure ...
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    • Failure rate of cemented and uncemented total hip replacements: register study of combined Nordic database of four nations 

      Mäkelä, Keijo T.; Matilainen, Markus; Pulkkinen, Pekka; Fenstad, Anne Marie; Havelin, Leif Ivar; Engesæter, Lars B.; Furnes, Ove; Pedersen, Alma B; Overgaard, Søren; Kärrholm, Johan; Malchau, Henrik; Garellick, Göran; Ranstam, Jonas; Eskelinen, Antti (BMJ, 2014)
      Objective: To assess the failure rate of cemented, uncemented, hybrid, and reverse hybrid total hip replacements in patients aged 55 years or older. Design: Register study. Setting: Nordic Arthroplasty Register Association ...
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    • Family history in young and middle-aged acute ischemic stroke patients. The Norwegian Stroke in the Young Study 

      Øygarden, Halvor (The University of Bergen, 2016-04-08)
      Cardiovascular disease (CVD), including stroke, coronary heart disease (CHD) and peripheral artery disease, is the leading cause of death and disability in the western world. CVD is influenced by genetic and lifestyle ...
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    • A family history of stroke is associated with increased intima-media thickness in young ischemic Stroke - The norwegian stroke in the young study (NOR-SYS) 

      Øygarden, Halvor; Fromm, Annette; Sand, Kristin Modalsli; Kvistad, Christopher Elnan; Eide, Geir Egil; Thomassen, Lars; Næss, Halvor; Waje-Andreassen, Ulrike (PLOS, 2016-08-09)
      Background and Purpose: Positive family history (FH+) of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a risk factor for own CVD. We aimed to analyze the effect of different types of FH (stroke, coronary heart disease (CHD), peripheral ...
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    • Fat in the lumbar multifidus muscles - predictive value and change following disc prosthesis surgery and multidiciplinary rehabilitation in patients With chronic low back pain and degenerative disc: 2-year follow-up of a randomized trial 

      Storheim, Kjersti; Berg, Linda; Hellum, Christian; Gjertsen, Øivind; Neckelmann, Gesche F; Espeland, Ansgar; Keller, Anne; Norwegian Spine Study Group (BioMed Central, 2017-04-04)
      Background: Evidence is lacking on whether fat infiltration in the multifidus muscles affects outcomes after total disc replacement (TDR) surgery and if it develops after surgery. The aims of this study were 1) to investigate ...
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    • Fatal injury as a function of rurality - a tale of two Norwegian counties 

      Bakke, Håkon Kvåle; Hansen, Ingrid Schrøder; Bendixen, Anette Bakkane; Morild, Inge; Lilleng, Peer Kåre; Wisborg, Torben (BioMed Central, 2013-03-02)
      Background: Many studies indicate rural location as a separate risk for dying from injuries. For decades, Finnmark, the northernmost and most rural county in Norway, has topped the injury mortality statistics in Norway. ...
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    • Fatigue and quality of life in women treated for various types of gynaecological cancers: a cross-sectional study 

      Sekse, Ragnhild Johanne Tveit; Hufthammer, Karl Ove; Vika, Margrethe Elin (The University of Bergen, 2014-07-12)
      Aims and objectives To examine the prevalence of cancer-related fatigue in women treated for various types of gynaecological cancers and, for these cancers, to assess fatigue in relation to distress, health-related quality ...
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    • Fecal fat analyses in chronic pancreatitis importance of fat ingestion before stool collection 

      Erchinger, Friedemann Georg; Engjom, Trond; Jurmy, Palwasha; Tjora, Erling; Gilja, Odd Helge; Dimcevski, Georg Gjorgji (PLOS, 2017-01-17)
      Objective: Quantitative determination of fecal fat still is the gold standard for measuring malabsorption. We evaluated the importance of standardized food intake before and under the collection of feces. Material and ...
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    • Fetal Liver Blood Flow Distribution: Role in Human Developmental Strategy to Prioritize Fat Deposition versus Brain Development 

      Godfrey, Keith M.; Haugen, Guttorm; Kiserud, Torvid; Inskip, Hazel M.; Cooper, Cyrus; The Southampton Women's Survey Study Group (Public Library of Science, 2012-08-22)
      Among primates, human neonates have the largest brains but also the highest proportion of body fat. If placental nutrient supply is limited, the fetus faces a dilemma: should resources be allocated to brain growth, or to ...
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    • FGD5 amplification in breast cancer patients is associated with tumor proliferation and a poorer prognosis 

      Valla, Marit; Engstrøm, Monica J; Ytterhus, Borgny; Hansen, Åse Kristin Skain; Akslen, Lars A.; Vatten, Lars Johan; Opdahl, Signe; Bofin, Anna M. (Springer, 2017-04)
      Purpose: Proliferation is a hallmark of cancer. Using a combined genomic approach, FGD5 amplification has been identified as a driver of proliferation in Luminal breast cancer. We aimed to describe FGD5 copy number change ...
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    • Fine mapping of genetic susceptibility loci for melanoma reveals a mixture of single variant and multiple variant regions 

      Barrett, Jennifer H.; Taylor, John C.; Bright, C; Harland, Mark; Dunning, Alison M; Akslen, Lars A.; Andresen, Per Arne; Avril, Marie-Francoise; Azizi, Esther; Scarra, Giovanna Bianchi; Brossard, Myriam; Brown, Kevin M.; Debniak, Tadeusz; Elder, David E.; Friedman, Eitan; Ghiorzo, Paola; Gillanders, Elizabeth M.; Gruis, Nelleke A.; Hansson, Johan; Helsing, Per; Hočevar, Marko; Höiom, Veronica; Ingvar, Christian; Landi, Maria Teresa; Lang, Julie L.; Lathrop, G. Mark; Lubinski, Jan; Mackie, Rona M.; Molven, Anders; Novakovic, Srdjan; Olsson, Håkan; Puig, Susana; Puig-Butille, Joan Anton; van der Stoep, Nienke; van Doorn, Remco; van Workum, Wilberg; Goldstein, Alisa M.; Kanetsky, Peter A.; Pharoah, Paul D.P.; Demenais, Florence; Hayward, Nicholas K.; Bishop, Julia A. Newton; Bishop, D. Timothy; Iles, Mark M. (Wiley Periodicals, Inc. on behalf of UICC, 2015-08-14)
      At least 17 genomic regions are established as harboring melanoma susceptibility variants, in most instances with genome-wide levels of significance and replication in independent samples. Based on genome-wide single ...
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    • Fingolimod does not enhance cerebellar remyelination in the cuprizone model 

      Alme, Maria Nordheim; Nystad, Agnes Elisabeth; Bø, Lars; Myhr, Kjell-Morten; Vedeler, Christian A.; Wergeland, Stig; Torkildsen, Øivind (Elsevier, 2015-08)
      Fingolimod (FTY720) is approved for treatment of relapsing–remitting multiple sclerosis. In vitro studies have found that fingolimod stimulates remyelination in cerebellar slices, but in vivo animal studies have not detected ...
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    • Food intake and weight changes in Norwegian hip fracture patients 

      Ådnanes, Svanhild (The University of Bergen, 2015-05-15)
      Background: Norway has the highest rates of hip fractures worldwide. Hip fracture patients represent a vulnerable group with high mortality and morbidity after one year, and as the elderly population is increasing a ...
      Master thesis
    • Forskningsveiledning - en av de essensielle faktorene på «veien til doktorgrad» 

      Lied, Gülen Arslan; Chen, Jian; Reikvam, Håkon (Universitetsforlaget, 2013)
      The journey to finish a PhD thesis is a long race, and several factors may play important roles in this process. A good working relationship between the supervisor and the candidate is an essential component for achieving ...
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    • Fourteen sequence variants that associate with multiple sclerosis discovered by meta-analysis informed by genetic correlations 

      Olafsson, S.; Stridh, P.; Bos, Steffan Daniel; Ingason, Andrés; Euesden, J; Sulem, Patrick; Thorleifsson, Gudmar; Gustafsson, O; Geirsson, AJ; Jóhannesson, Ari J.; Thorsson, AV; Ludviksson, BR; Sigurgeirsson, Bardur; Jonasson, JG; Olafsson, E; Kristjansdottir, H; Olafsson, JH; Orvar, KB; Benediktsson, Rafn; Bjarnason, Ragnar; Kristjansdottir, Sjofn; Gislason, Thorarin; Valdimarsson, T; Mikaelsdottir, E; Sigurdsson, S; Jonsson, S; Rafnar, Thorunn; Aarsland, Dag; Djurovic, Srdjan; Fladby, Tormod; Knudsen, Gun Peggy S.; Celius, Elisabeth Gulowsen; Myhr, Kjell-Morten; Gröndal, Gerdur; Steinsson, K; Valdimarsson, Helgi; Bjornsson, Sigurdur; Bjornsdottir, US; Bjornsson, Einar S.; Nilsson, B; Andreassen, Ole Andreas; Alfredsson, Lars; Hillert, Jan; Kockum, Ingrid; Másson, Gísli; Thorsteinssdottir, U; Gudbjartsson, Daniel F.; Stefansson, H; Hjaltason, H; Harbo, Hanne Flinstad; Olsson, T; Jonsdottir, I; Stefansson, K (Nature Publishing Group, 2017)
      A meta-analysis of publicly available summary statistics on multiple sclerosis combined with three Nordic multiple sclerosis cohorts (21,079 cases, 371,198 controls) revealed seven sequence variants associating with multiple ...
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    • Functional imaging to promote individualized and targeted therapy in endometrial cancer 

      Husby, Jenny Hild Aase (The University of Bergen, 2016-02-05)
      Background: Endometrial carcinoma is the most common pelvic malignancy in the Western world and the incidence is increasing. Endometrial carcinomas are surgically staged according to FIGO 2009 criteria, and the lack of ...
      Doctoral thesis