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    • The ENIGMA Consortium: large-scale collaborative analyses of neuroimaging and genetic data 

      Christoforou, Andrea; Le Hellard, Stephanie; Giddaluru, Sudheer; Steen, Vidar Martin; The ENIGMA Consortium (Springer, 2014-06)
      The Enhancing NeuroImaging Genetics through Meta-Analysis (ENIGMA) Consortium is a collaborative network of researchers working together on a range of large-scale studies that integrate data from 70 institutions worldwide. ...
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    • The Pharmacogenomics of Bipolar Disorder study (PGBD): Identification of genes for lithium response in a prospective sample 

      Ødegaard, Ketil Joachim; Alda, Martin; Anand, Anit; Andreassen, Ole Andreas; Balaraman, Yokesh; Berrettini, Wade H.; Bhattacharjee, Abesh; Brennand, Kristen J.; Burdick, Katherine E.; Calabrese, Joseph R.; Calkin, Cynthia V.; Claasen, Ana; Coryell, William H.; Craig, David; DeModena, Anna; Frye, Mark A.; Gage, Fred H.; Gao, Keming; Garnham, Julie; Gershon, Elliot; Jakobsen, Petter; Leckband, Susan G.; McCarthy, Michael J.; McInnis, Melvin G.; Maihofer, Adam X.; Mertens, Jerome; Morken, Gunnar; Nievergelt, Caroline M.; Nurnberger, John I.; Pham, Son; Schøyen, Helle Kristine; Shekhtman, Tatyana; Shilling, Paul D.; Szelinger, Szabolcs; Tarwater, Bruce; Yao, Jun; Zandi, Peter P.; Kelsoe, John R. (BioMed Central, 2016-05-05)
      Background: Bipolar disorder is a serious and common psychiatric disorder characterized by manic and depressive mood switches and a relapsing and remitting course. The cornerstone of clinical management is stabilization ...
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