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    • Endorectal ultrasonography, strain elastography and MRI differentiation of rectal adenomas and adenocarcinomas. 

      Waage, Jo Erling Riise; Leh, Sabine Maria; Røsler, Cornelia; Pfeffer, Frank; Bach, Simon; Havre, Roald Flesland; Haldorsen, Ingfrid S.; Ødegaard, Svein; Baatrup, Gunnar (Wiley, 2015-02)
      Aim Strain elastography is a method for recording tissue hardness. Strain in different areas may be compared using strain ratio (SR). The aims of this study were to validate a previously proposed SR cut-off value of 1.25 ...
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    • The ENIGMA Consortium: large-scale collaborative analyses of neuroimaging and genetic data 

      Christoforou, Andrea; Le Hellard, Stephanie; Giddaluru, Sudheer; Steen, Vidar Martin; The ENIGMA Consortium (Springer, 2014-06)
      The Enhancing NeuroImaging Genetics through Meta-Analysis (ENIGMA) Consortium is a collaborative network of researchers working together on a range of large-scale studies that integrate data from 70 institutions worldwide. ...
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    • Progressive striatal necrosis associated with anti-NMDA receptor antibodies 

      Tzoulis, Charalampos; Vedeler, Christian A.; Haugen, Mette; Storstein, Anette; Tran, Gia Tuong Thi; Gjerde, Ivar Otto; Biermann, Martin; Schwarzlmüller, Thomas; Bindoff, Laurence (BioMed Central, 2013-05-31)
      Background: We report a case of childhood onset, generalized dystonia due to slowly progressive bilateral striatal necrosis associated with anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) antibodies. This clinical phenotype ...
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    • Tissue and imaging biomarkers for hypoxia predict poor outcome in endometrial cancer 

      Berg, Anna; Fasmer, Kristine Eldevik; Mauland, Karen Klepsland; Ytre-Hauge, Sigmund; Høivik, Erling Andre; Husby, Jenny Hild Aase; Tangen, Ingvild Løberg; Trovik, Jone; Halle, Mari Kyllesø; Woie, Kathrine; Bjørge, Line; Bjørnerud, Atle; Salvesen, Helga; Werner, Henrica Maria Johanna; Krakstad, Camilla; Haldorsen, Ingfrid S. (Impact Journals, 2016-09-13)
      Hypoxia is frequent in solid tumors and linked to aggressive phenotypes and therapy resistance. We explored expression patterns of the proposed hypoxia marker HIF-1α in endometrial cancer (EC) and investigate whether ...
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