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    • Autistic features in school age children: IQ and gender effects in a population-based cohort 

      Ryland, Hilde Katrin; Hysing, Mari; Posserud, Maj-Britt Rocio; Gillberg, Christopher; Lundervold, Astri (Elsevier, 2014-03)
      Level and characteristics of intellectual function (IQ) have been associated with symptom presentation in children with autism spectrum disorder. The present study examined associations between IQ and autistic features in ...
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    • Building adherence-competent communities: Factors promoting children's adherence to anti-retroviral HIV/AIDS treatment in rural Zimbabwe 

      Campbell, Catherine; Skovdal, Morten; Mupambireyi, Zivai; Madanhire, Claudius; Nyamukapa, Constance; Gregson, Simon (Elsevier, 2012-03)
      Given relatively high levels of adherence to HIV treatment in Africa, we explore factors facilitating children's adherence, despite poverty, social disruption and limited health infrastructure. Using interviews with 25 ...
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    • Does paternal mental health in pregnancy predict physically aggressive behavior in children? 

      Kvalevaag, Anne Lise; Ramchandani, Paul G.; Hove, Oddbjørn; Eberhard-Gran, Malin; Assmus, Jørg; Havik, Odd E. (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2014-07-22)
      The aim was to study the association between paternal mental health and physically aggressive behavior in children. This study is based on 19,580 father–child dyads from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study (MoBa). ...
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    • Household-based cash transfer targeting strategies in Zimbabwe: are we reaching the most vulnerable children? 

      Robertson, Laura; Mushati, Phyllis; Eaton, Jeffrey W.; Sherr, Lorraine; Makoni, Jeremiah C.; Skovdal, Morten; Crea, Tom; Mavise, Gideon; Dumba, Lovemore; Schumacher, Christina; Munyati, Shungu; Nyamukapa, Constance; Gregson, Simon (Elsevier, 2012-12)
      Census data, collected in July 2009, from 27,672 children were used to compare the effectiveness, coverage and efficacy of three household-based methods for targeting cash transfers to vulnerable children in eastern ...
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    • Involving communities in the targeting of cash transfer programs for vulnerable children: opportunities and challenges 

      Robertson, Laura; Mushati, Phyllis; Skovdal, Morten; Eaton, Jeffrey W.; Makoni, Jeremiah C.; Crea, Tom; Mavise, Gideon; Dumba, Lovemore; Schumacher, Christina; Sherr, Lorraine; Nyamukapa, Constance; Gregson, Simon (Elsevier, 2014-02)
      We used baseline data, collected in July–September 2009, from a randomized controlled trial of a cash transfer program for vulnerable children in eastern Zimbabwe to investigate the effectiveness, coverage, and efficiency ...
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    • Road traffic noise and children's inattention 

      Weyde, Kjell Vegard Fjeldheim; Krog, Norun Hjertager; Oftedal, Bente Margaret; Magnus, Per; Øverland, Simon Nygaard; Stansfeld, Stephen; Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark J; Vrijheid, Martine; Pascual, Montserrat de Castro; Aasvang, Gunn Marit (BioMed Central, 2017-11-21)
      Background: An increasing number of children are exposed to road traffic noise levels that may lead to adverse effects on health and daily functioning. Childhood is a period of intense growth and brain maturation, and ...
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    • Teacher reports of hypoactivity symptoms reflect slow cognitive processing speed in primary school children 

      Lundervold, Astri Johansen; Posserud, Maj-Britt Rocio; Ullebø, Anne-Karin; Sørensen, Lin; Gillberg, Christopher (Springer, 2010-12-29)
      The mediating effect of cognitive processing speed on the ability of a primary school child to achieve his/her full potential of intellectual functioning emphasizes the importance of methods to detect ‘‘slow’’ ...
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