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    • The Epistemic Status of Processing Fluency as Source for Judgments of Truth 

      Reber, Rolf; Unkelbach, Christian (Springer, 2010-09-07)
      This article combines findings from cognitive psychology on the role of processing fluency in truth judgments with epistemological theory on justification of belief. We first review evidence that repeated exposure to a ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Processing Fluency and Aesthetic Pleasure: Is Beauty in the Perceiver’s Processing Experience? 

      Reber, Rolf; Schwarz, Norbert; Winkielman, Piotr (Lawrence Erlbaum, 2004-12-01)
      We propose that aesthetic pleasure is a function of the perceiver’s processing dynamics: The more fluently perceivers can process an object, the more positive their aesthetic response. We review variables known to influence ...
      Journal articlePeer reviewed
    • The use of heuristics in intuitive mathematical judgment 

      Reber, Rolf; Brun, Morten; Mitterndorfer, Karoline (2008-07-16)
      Anecdotal evidence points to the use of beauty as an indication for truth in mathematical problem solving. Two experiments examined the use of heuristics and tested the assumption that participants use symmetry as a cue ...