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    • Amodal Volume Completion and the Thin Building Illusion 

      Ekroll, Vebjørn; Mertens, Kathleen; Johan, Wagemans (Sage, 2018)
      We report results from an experiment showing that a tall pillar with a triangular base evokes radically different three-dimensional (3D) percepts depending on the vantage point from which it is observed. The base of the ...
      Journal article
    • Intuitive feelings of warmth and confidence in insight and noninsight problem solving of magic tricks 

      Hedne, Mikael Ringstad; Norman, Elisabeth; Metcalfe, Janet (Frontiers, 2016-08-31)
      The focus of the current study is on intuitive feelings of insight during problem solving and the extent to which such feelings are predictive of successful problem solving. We report the results from an experiment (N = ...
      Journal article