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    • Kritisk realistisk antropologi - Eksemplifisering av et ikke-konflatorisk perspektiv 

      Bråten, Eldar (Universitetsforlaget, 2016)
      The article illustrates the analytical utility of the perspective of critical realism as applied to a debate on the quality of public eldercare in Norway. Inspired by the philosopher Roy Bhaskar, I argue for an anthropology ...
      Journal article
    • Metadata made easy - Adding metadata by means of natural language 

      Elseth, Eivind Eidheim (The University of Bergen, 2013-06-01)
      The rapid increase in the amount of information generated highlights the need for better strategies for searching for relevant content. Using Semantic Web technologies we can search using concepts and their properties ...
      Master thesis
    • Spørsmål om «ontologi»: Momenter til en realistisk antropologi 

      Bråten, Eldar (Universitetsforlaget, 2015)
      The Norwegian Research Council has evaluated Norwegian anthropology and concluded that the discipline is ethnographically strong, but defensive when it comes to theoretical contributions. Researchers are now actively ...
      Journal article
    • Unified Enterprise Modelling Ontology (UEMO), 2010-10-29 

      Opdahl, Andreas Lothe (2011-03-30)
      Unified Enterprise Modelling Ontology (UEMO) is a reformulation of UEML's common ontology in OWL/OWL2 DL form. As a result, the ontology becomes more precise and better supported by automated reasoning tools. The reformulation ...