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    • The Intuitive and Integrated Interface: Computer Games and Computer Literacy 

      Jørgensen, Kristine (2008-10)
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    • On the Functional Aspects of Computer Game Audio 

      Jørgensen, Kristine (Interactive Institute, Piteå, Sweden, 2006)
      What is the role of computer game audio? What formal functions does game audio have? These are central questions in this paper which seeks to outline an overview of the functionalities of sound in games. Based on a concluding ...
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    • Researching Players to Understand the Game 

      Jørgensen, Kristine (IT University of Copenhagen, 2008)
      Since the advent of the study of games, scholars have emphasised the idea of games as subsets of the real world, as make-believe and as representational systems. Games have been understood as delimited from the real world ...
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    • Training Googles SyntaxNet to understand Norwegian Bokmål and Nynorsk 

      Johansen, Bjarte (2016)
      We use Google’s open source neural network framework, SyntaxNet, to train a fully automatic part-of-speech language tagger for Norwegian Bokmål and Nynorsk. Using SyntaxNet, we are able to get comparable results with ...
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    • Workflow Partitioning for Offline Distributed Execution on Mobile Devices 

      Wakholi, Peter Khisa; Chen, Weiqin (Marite Kirikova and Janis Stirna, 2012)
      Traditionally, workflow systems are built on the client/server architecture, in which a single workflow server takes the responsibility for the operation of the whole process, thereby requiring connections each time a ...
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