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    • The Challenges of Comparing Media Systems — An Interview with Daniel C. Hallin 

      Moe, Hallvard; Sjøvaag, Helle (Marquette Journals, 2008)
      In this interview, Daniel C. Hallin offers hindsight concerning his collaborative project with Paolo Mancini — Comparing Media Systems — Three Models of Media and Politics (2004). Hallin discusses methodological difficulties ...
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    • "De kan være naboene dine" - Fremstillingen av en muslimsk familie i 24 

      Halse, Rolf E. S. (Universitetsforlaget, 2009-09)
      Academic literature on movies and television series produced in Hollywood documents that they are often represented in a stereotype and negative manner. The television series 24 may not be an exception. 24 has been criticized ...
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    • From Fermentation to Maturity? Reflections on Media and Communication Studies: An Interview with Todd Gitlin, Jostein Gripsrud & Michael Schudson 

      Sjøvaag, Helle; Moe, Hallvard (USC Annenberg, School for Communication, 2009)
      Twenty-six years after the Journal of Communication published a special issue entitled “Ferment in the Field,” Professors Todd Gitlin, Jostein Gripsrud and Michael Schudson reflect on the state of the field of media and ...
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    • Habermas, Mouffe and political communication. A case for theoretical eclecticism 

      Karppinen, Kari; Moe, Hallvard; Svensson, Jakob (European Institute for Communication and Culture/Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, 2008)
      Much of the research on communication and democracy continues to lean on Jürgen Habermas’s work. However, many aspects of his approach have been intensely criticised in recent debates, both in communication studies and ...
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    • A Journalistic Cosmology. A Sketch of Some Social and Mental Structures of the Norwegian Journalistic Field 

      Hovden, Jan Fredrik (Nordicom, 2012)
      Can Norwegian journalism be meaningfully understood as constituting a social field in Pierre Bourdieu ́s sense? And if so, how did this field emerge historically, and what is its fundamental structure? Following a structural ...
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    • Media Institutions as a Research Field: Three Phases of Norwegian Broadcasting Research 

      Moe, Hallvard; Syvertsen, Trine (Nordicom, 2007)
      The article discusses the background and origins of research on media institutions as a field, and especially assesses the development and status of Norwegian research on broadcasting institutions. It is demonstrated how ...
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    • Moment of Hope, Mode of Realism: On the Dynamics of a Transnational Journalistic Field During UN Climate Change Summits 

      Kunelius, Risto; Eide, Elisabeth (University of Southern California, Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, 2012)
      Taking the global climate-change summits (the COP process and particularly the Copenhagen 2009 COP15 summit) as a point of departure, this article looks at the dynamics of a momentarily articulated transnational journalistic ...
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    • Morgendagens NRK: Allmennmedievirksomhet 

      Moe, Hallvard (Universitetsforlaget, 2008)
      Centered on the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK – which celebrates its 75 year anniversary in 2008 – this article discusses a current key challenge for media policy: how to rethink and legitimize public media institutions ...
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    • The Muslim-American Neighbour as Terrorist: The Representation of a Muslim Family in 24 

      Halse, Rolf E. S. (Reconstruction, 2011)
      Academic literature on movies and TV—serials produced in Hollywood documents that Muslim and Arab characters are often represented in a stereotypical and negative manner. The TV-serial 24 doesn’t seem to be an exception. ...
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    • Nettmedier og offentligheten. Vox Publicas netthøring om NRK-plakaten 

      Øvrebø, Olav Anders; Moe, Hallvard (Universitetsforlaget, 2010-02-24)
      Nettutviklingen har åpnet muligheter for en mer mangfoldig offentlighet der flere kan delta. Med utgangspunkt i erfaringer fra et forsøk med en åpen netthøring om NRKs framtid, diskuterer denne artikkelen hvordan ...
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    • On Transdiegetic Sounds in Computer Games 

      Jørgensen, Kristine (Intellect, 2007-09-07)
      This article will identify and define the concept of transdiegetic sound space in computer games, and discuss the relationship of this space to action and events in the game. The point of departure for the article is based ...
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    • Politisk slagside i uavhengig presse? 

      Halse, Rolf E. S. (Sosiologisk Årbok, 2006)
      Hensikten med denne studien er å undersøke VGs formidling av en viktig politisk case: ’partilederstriden i Arbeiderpartiet (Ap) mellom Thorbjørn Jagland og Jens Stoltenberg’. I artikkelen blir kvantitativ innholdsanalyse ...
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    • “Premierløytnant Bielke”: A Mobile Game for Teaching and Learning History 

      Wake, Jo Dugstad; Baggetun, Rune (IGI Global, 2009)
      Developments in mobile phone technology, together with an increased research interest in utilizing computer games to facilitate teaching and learning, are an important catalyst for the emergence of the area of ...
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    • Researching Players to Understand the Game 

      Jørgensen, Kristine (IT University of Copenhagen, 2008)
      Since the advent of the study of games, scholars have emphasised the idea of games as subsets of the real world, as make-believe and as representational systems. Games have been understood as delimited from the real world ...
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    • Sentrale utfordringer for medieforskningen i dag 

      Moe, Hallvard (Universitetsforlaget, 2009-09-29)
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    • «The way Bordwell tells it»: om klassisk og post-klassisk Hollywoodfilm 

      Lavik, Erlend (Universitetsforlaget, 2006)
      Intervju med filmforskaren David Bordwell.
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    • Time for New Terminology? Diegetic and Non-Diegetic Sounds in Computer Games Revisited 

      Jørgensen, Kristine (IGI Global, 2010-10-15)
      This chapter is a critical discussion of the use of the concepts diegetic and non-diegetic in connection with computer game sound. It is argued that the terms are problematic because they do not take into account the ...
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    • Underholdningens gunst: Leif Juster og filmkomedien 

      Larsen, Leif Ove (Arr - Idéhistorisk tidsskrift, 2006)
      Artikkelen belyser karrieren til komikeren Leif Juster med særlig henblikk på endringer i komisk stil i hans filmkomedier. I tillegg til å sette hans filmkomikk inn i en filmisk og scenisk tradisjon, belyses det ambivalente ...
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    • What will they say?—Public Announcement Games 

      Ågotnes, Thomas; Ditmarsch, Hans van (Springer, 2010-11-03)
      Dynamic epistemic logic describes the possible information-changing actions available to individual agents, and their knowledge pre- and post conditions. For example, public announcement logic describes actions in the ...
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