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    • Steroid use in elderly critically ill COVID-19 patients 

      Jung, Christian; Wernly, Bernhard; Fjølner, Jesper; Bruno, Raphael Romano; Dudzinski, David; Artigas, Antonio; Pinto, Bernardo Bollen; Schefold, Jörg C.; Wolff, Georg; Kelm, Malte; Beil, Michael; Sigal, Sviri; van Heerden, Peter Vernon; Szczeklik, Wojciech; Czuczwar, Mirosław; Elhadi, Muhammed; Joannidis, Michael; Oeyen, Sandra; Zafeiridis, Tilemachos; Marsh, Brian; Andersen, Finn Husøy; Moreno, Rui; Cecconi, Maurizio; Leaver, Susannah; Boumendil, Ariane; De Lange, Dylan W.; Guidet, Bertrand; Flaatten, Hans Kristian (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      This secondary analysis of the COVIP study shows a higher 30-day mortality in critically ill elderly COVID-19 patients who received steroids as part of their treatment
    • Validity of the total SOFA score in patients ≥ 80 years old acutely admitted to intensive care units: a post-hoc analysis of the VIP2 prospective, international cohort study 

      Polok, Kamil; Fronczek, Jakub; Putowski, Zbigniew; Czok, Marcelina; Guidet, Bertrand; Jung, Christian; de Lange, Dylan; Leaver, Susannah; Moreno, Rui; Flaatten, Hans Kristian; Szczeklik, Wojciech (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
      Background Little is known about the performance of the Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) score in older critically ill adults. We aimed to evaluate the prognostic impact of physiological disturbances in the ...
    • Who gets the ventilator? A multicentre survey of intensivists' opinions of triage during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic 

      Fjølner, Jesper; Haaland, Øystein Ariansen; Jung, Christian; de Lange, Dylan W.; Szczeklik, Wojciech; Leaver, Susannah; Guidet, Bertrand; Sviri, Sigal; Van Heerden, Peter Vernon; Beil, Michael; Hartog, Christiane S.; Flaatten, Hans Kristian (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2022)
      Background The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shortage of intensive care resources. Intensivists' opinion of triage and ventilator allocation during the COVID-19 pandemic is not well described. Methods This was a ...