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    • Multisensor approach to automated classification of sea ice image data 

      Bogdanov, Andrey V.; Alexandrov, Vitaly Y.; Sandven, Stein; Johannessen, Ola M.; Bobylev, Leonid P. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2005-07)
      A multisensor data fusion algorithm based on a multilayer neural network is presented for sea ice classification in the winter period. The algorithm uses European Remote Sensing (ERS), RADARSAT synthetic aperture radar ...
    • The North Atlantic Oscillation and greenhouse-gas forcing 

      Kuzmina, Svetlana I.; Bengtsson, Lennart; Johannessen, Ola M.; Drange, Helge; Bobylev, Leonid P.; Miles, Martin W. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2005-02-17)
      The results of 12 coupled climate models participating in the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP2) are compared together with observational data in order to investigate: 1) How the current generation of climate ...
    • Observation and Simulation of Ice Tongues and Vortex Pairs in the Marginal Ice Zone 

      Johannessen, Ola M.; Sandven, Stein; Budgell, W. Paul; Johannessen, Johnny A.; Shuchman, Robert A. (Geophysical Monograph 85, Chapter, 1994)
      Recognizes the major advancements of the past decade in understanding the interactions among the polar oceans and global atmospheric and oceanic systems. This volume addresses the following topics: Polar Ocean Circulation ...
    • Ocean release of fossil fuel CO2: A case study 

      Drange, Helge; Alendal, Guttorm; Johannessen, Ola M. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2001-07-01)
      The natural ocean uptake of the greenhouse gas CO2 can be accelerated by collecting and liquefying the gas from point sources, and by pumping it into the ocean at appropriate locations and at sufficient depths. Results ...
    • Satellite detection of natural films on the ocean surface 

      Espedal, Heidi A.; Johannessen, Ola M.; Knulst, Johan (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 1996-11-01)
      Natural films on the ocean surface influence air-sea fluxes of momentum, heat, and gas. It is therefore essential to be able to map the geographical extent and variability of such films to determine the resulting impact ...
    • Sea Ice Monitoring by Remote Sensing 

      Sandven, Stein; Johannessen, Ola M. (, Chapter, 2006)
    • Simulating transport of non-Chernobyl 137Cs and 90Sr in the North Atlantic–Arctic region 

      Gao, Yongqi; Drange, Helge; Bentsen, Mats; Johannessen, Ola M. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2004)
      The spatial and temporal distributions of the anthropogenic radionuclides 137Cs and 90Sr, originating from nuclear bomb testing and the Sellafield reprocessing plants in the Irish Sea, are simulated using a global version ...
    • Tracer-derived transit time of the waters in the eastern Nordic Seas 

      Gao, Yongqi; Drange, Helge; Bentsen, Mats; Johannessen, Ola M. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2005-08-25)
      The spatial-temporal distribution of the anthropogenic radionuclide 137Cs originating from nuclear bomb testing and the Sellafield reprocessing plant in the Irish Sea is simulated using a global version of the Miami Isopycnic ...
    • Wintertime cyclone/anticyclone activity over China and its relation to upper tropospheric jets 

      Chen, Lei; Tan, Benkui; Kvamstø, Nils Gunnar; Johannessen, Ola M. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2014-01-16)
      In this study, the wintertime cyclone/anticyclone activity and its variability over China are examined based on the National Centers for Environmental Prediction/National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCEP/NCAR) reanalysis ...