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    • Quality of Life in European Patients with Addison’s Disease: Validity of the Disease-Specific Questionnaire AddiQoL 

      Øksnes, Marianne; Bensing, Sophie; Hulting, Anna-Lena; Kämpe, Olle; Hackemann, Annika; Meyer, Gesine; Badenhoop, Klaus; Betterle, Corrado; Parolo, Anna; Giordano, Roberta; Falorni, Alberto; Papierska, Lucyna; Jeske, Wojciech; Kasperlik-Zaluska, Anna A.; Chatterjee, V. Krishna K.; Husebye, Eystein Sverre; Løvås, Kristian (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2012-02)
      Context: Patients with Addison’s disease (AD) self-report impairment in specific dimensions on well-being questionnaires. An AD-specific quality-of-life questionnaire (AddiQoL) was developed to aid evaluation of patients. ...
    • Substantial changes in inflammatory and cardiovascular biomarkers in patients with autonomous cortisol secretion 

      Ueland, Grethe Åstrøm; Methlie, Paal; Heie, Anette; Stokland, Ann-Elin Meling; Dahle, Anne Lise; Sævik, Åse Bjorvatn; Løvås, Kristian; Husebye, Eystein Sverre (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
      Objective To map inflammatory biomarkers in patients with autonomous cortisol secretion (ACS) and overt Cushing syndrome (CS). Method Observational study including serum from prospectively included patients with ACS ...
    • Systemic Activation of the Kynurenine Pathway in Graves Disease With and Without Ophthalmopathy 

      Ueland, Hans Olav; Ulvik, Arve; Løvås, Kristian; Wolff, Anette Susanne Bøe; Breivik, Lars Ertesvåg; Stokland, Ann-Elin Meling; Rødahl, Eyvind; Nilsen, Roy Miodini; Husebye, Eystein Sverre; Ueland, Grethe Åstrøm (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
      Context Graves disease (GD) is one of the most common autoimmune disorders. Recent literature has shown an immune response involving several different inflammatory related proteins in these patients. Objective This ...