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    • The North Atlantic waveguide and downstream impact experiment 

      Schäfler, Andreas; Craig, George; Wernli, Heini; Arbogast, Philippe; Doyle, James D.; McTaggart-Cowan, Ron; Methven, John; Rivière, Gwendal; Ament, Felix; Boettcher, Maxi; Bramberger, Martina; Cazenave, Quitterie; Cotton, Richard; Crewell, Susannne; Delanoë, Julien; Dörnbrack, Andreas; Ehrlich, André; Ewald, Florian; Fix, Andreas; Grams, Christian M.; Gray, Suzanne L.; Grob, Johannes; Groß, Silke; Hagen, Martin; Harvey, Ben; Hirsch, Lutz; Jacob, Marek; Kölling, Tobias; Konow, Heike; Lemmerz, Christian; Lux, Oliver; Magnusson, Linus; Mayer, Bernhard; Mech, Mario; Moore, Richard; Pelon, Jacques; Quinting, Julian; Rahm, Stephan; Rapp, Markus; Rautenhaus, Marc; Reitebuch, Oliver; Reynolds, Carlolyn A.; Sodemann, Harald; Spengler, Thomas; Vaughan, Geraint; Wendisch, Manfred; Wirth, Martin; Witschas, Benjamin; Wolf, Kevin; Zinner, Tobias (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2018)
      The North Atlantic Waveguide and Downstream Impact Experiment (NAWDEX) explored the impact of diabatic processes on disturbances of the jet stream and their influence on downstream high-impact weather through the deployment ...
    • On the utility of individual tendency output: Revealing interactions between parameterized processes during a marine cold air outbreak 

      Kähnert, Marvin; Sodemann, Harald; de Rooy, Wim; Valkonen, Teresa Maaria (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Forecasts of marine cold air outbreaks critically rely on the interplay of multiple parameterization schemes to represent subgrid-scale processes, including shallow convection, turbulence, and microphysics. Even though ...
    • The role of land and ocean evaporation on the variability of precipitation in the Yangtze River valley 

      Fremme, Astrid Kristine; Sodemann, Harald (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019-06-04)
      The Yangtze River valley (YRV) experiences large intraseasonal and interannual precipitation variability, which is mainly due to East Asian monsoon influence. The East Asian monsoon is caused by interaction of many processes ...
    • A role play discussion exercise as a challenging learning activity 

      Sodemann, Harald (UPED-skrift, Working paper, 2016)
    • A Ship-Based Characterization of Coherent Boundary-Layer Structures Over the Lifecycle of a Marine Cold-Air Outbreak 

      Duscha, Christiane Anabell; Barrell, Christopher; Renfrew, Ian A.; Brooks, Ian M.; Sodemann, Harald; Reuder, Joachim (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2022)
      Convective coherent structures shape the atmospheric boundary layer over the lifecycle of marine cold-air outbreaks (CAOs). Aircraft measurements have been used to characterize such structures in past CAOs. Yet, aircraft ...
    • Spatial variability of nocturnal stability regimes in an operational weather prediction model 

      Kähnert, Marvin; Sodemann, Harald; Remes, Teresa Maaria; Fortelius, Carl; Bazile, Eric; Esau, Igor (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2022)
      Forecast errors in near-surface temperatures are a persistent issue for numerical weather prediction models. A prominent example is warm biases during cloud-free, snow-covered nights. Many studies attribute these biases ...
    • Synoptic Conditions and Moisture Sources Actuating Extreme Precipitation in Nepal 

      Bohlinger, Patrik; Sorteberg, Asgeir; Sodemann, Harald (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2017-12)
      Despite the vast literature on heavy‐precipitation events in South Asia, synoptic conditions and moisture sources related to extreme precipitation in Nepal have not been addressed systematically. We investigate two types ...