• Adequate Urinary Iodine Concentration among Infants in the Inland Area of Norway 

      Bakken, Kjersti Sletten; Aarsland, Tonje Eiane; Groufh-Jacobsen, Synne; Solvik, Beate Stokke; Gjengedal, Elin Lovise Folven; Henjum, Sigrun; Strand, Tor Arne (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Considering the importance of iodine to support optimal growth and neurological development of the brain and central nervous system, this study aimed to assess and evaluate iodine status in Norwegian infants. We collected ...
    • Inadequate Iodine Intake in Mothers of Young Children in Innlandet County, Norway 

      Aarsland, Tonje Eiane; Kaldenbach, Siri; Bakken, Kjersti Sletten; Solvik, Beate Stokke; Holten-Andersen, Mads Nikolaj; Strand, Tor Arne (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
      Background: Iodine has an essential role in child growth and brain development. Thus, sufficient iodine intake is particularly important in women of childbearing age and lactating women. Objectives: This cross-sectional ...
    • Iodine Nutrition in Children ≤2 years of Age in Norway 

      Aarsland, Tonje Eiane; Solvik, Beate Stokke; Bakken, Kjersti Sletten; Næss, Synnøve; Kaldenbach, Siri; Holten-Andersen, Mads Nikolaj; Nermo, Kristina Randjelovic; Fauskerud, Ingunn T.; Østvedt, Thobias Hans; Lohne, Solfrid; Gjengedal, Elin Lovise Folven; Strand, Tor Arne (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
      Background As a component of the thyroid hormones (THs), iodine is vital for normal neurodevelopment during early life. However, both deficient and excess iodine may affect TH production, and data on iodine status in ...
    • Jodkokeboka 

      Aarsland, Tonje Eiane; Markhus, Maria Wik; Dahl, Lisbeth (Book, 2021)