• Assessment of CO2 storage capacity based on sparse data: Skade Formation 

      Elenius, Maria; Skurtveit, Elin; Yarushina, Viktoriya M.; Baig, Irfan; Sundal, Anja; Wangen, Magnus; Landschulze, Karin; Kaufmann, Roland; Choi, Jung Chan; Hellevang, Helge; Podladchikov, Yuri; Aavatsmark, Ivar; Gasda, Sarah (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2018-12)
      Large North Sea aquifers of high quality are the likely major target for 12 Gt of European CO2 emissions that should be stored in the subsurface by 2050. This involves an upscaling of the present combined injection rate ...
    • Co2 trapping in sloping aquafiers: High resolution numerical simulations 

      Elenius, Maria; Tchelep, Hamdi A.; Johannsen, Klaus (Conference object, 2010)
    • Convective mixing in geological carbon storage 

      Elenius, Maria (Doctoral thesis, 2011-11-25)
      The industrial era has seen an exponential growth in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2), resulting mainly from the burning of fossil fuels. This can cause changes in the climate that have severe impacts ...