• From Soapstone Quarries to Churches: Control, Ownership and Transport Along the Helgeland Coast in North Norway 

      Berglund, Birgitta; Heldal, Tom; Grenne, Tor (UBAS - University of Bergen Archaeological Series, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2017-08)
      Several soapstone quarries are found along the coast of Helgeland in north Norway, including some on islands in the mouth of Vefsnfjorden, where there are significant ancient workings. Several medieval stone churches in ...
    • A late Paleoproterozoic (1.74 Ga) deep-sea, low-temperature, iron-oxidizing microbial hydrothermal vent community from Arizona, USA 

      Little, Crispin T.S.; Johannessen, Karen Cecilie; Bengtson, Stefan; Chan, Clara S.; Ivarsson, M.; Slack, John F.; Broman, Curt; Thorseth, Ingunn Hindenes; Grenne, Tor; Rouxel, Olivier J.; Bekker, Andrey (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Modern marine hydrothermal vents occur in a wide variety of tectonic settings and are characterized by seafloor emission of fluids rich in dissolved chemicals and rapid mineral precipitation. Some hydrothermal systems vent ...
    • The Sandbekkdalen Quarry, Kvikne: A Window into Early Iron Age Soapstone Exploitation in Norway 

      Grenne, Tor; Østerås, Bodil; Stenvik, Lars F. (UBAS - University of Bergen Archaeological Series, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2017-08)
    • Soapstone in the North. Quarries, Products and People 7000 BC - AD 1700 

      Hansen, Gitte; Storemyr, Per; Stavsøien, Eva; Wickler, Stephen; Lindahl, Ingvar; Nilsson, Lars Petter; Bunse, Laura; Bergsvik, Knut Andreas; Grenne, Tor; Østerås, Bodil; Stenvik, Lars F.; Heldal, Tom; Schou, Torbjørn Preus; Baug, Irene; Vangstad, Hilde; Høegsberg, Mogens Skaaning; Forster, Amanda; Jones, Richard; Jansen, Øystein J.; Berglund, Birgitta; Hommedal, Alf Tore (UBAS, University of Bergen Archaeological Series, Book; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      This book addresses soapstone use in Norway and the North Atlantic region, including Greenland. Although the majority of the papers deal with the Iron Age and Middle Ages, the book spans the Mesolithic to the early modern ...