• Aspects of the Digital Library 

      Garnes, Kari; Landøy, Ane; Repanovici, Angela; Bagge, Bjørn-Arvid; Åsmul, Anne B.; Kongshavn, Halvor; Sivertssen, Svenn; Tonning, Anne Sissel V.; Torras, Maria-Carme; Skagen, Therese; Bakka, Pål Hermod; Jones, Richard; Kyrkjebø, Rune; Greve, Solveig; Mikki, Susanne; Stangeland, Elin (Book, 2006)
    • DSpace AddOn and Component Management System 

      Jones, Richard (DSpace User Group Meeting, Bergen 2006, Other presentation, 2006-04-24)
      With moves towards increasing the modularity of DSpace, and the idea that DSpace should act, at least in part, like a platform for repository activities, it is necessary to consider how to manage extensions to the core ...
    • From Homeland to Home; Using Soapstone to Map Migration and Settlement in the North Atlantic 

      Forster, Amanda; Jones, Richard (UBAS - University of Bergen Archaeological Series, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2017-08)
      One of the most characteristic features of Viking material culture is the use of soapstone (steatite) to make vessels, lamps and other artefacts. As soapstone was a readily available material in the Viking homelands, the ...
    • Institutional repositories 

      Jones, Richard (Chapter, 2006)
    • Soapstone in the North. Quarries, Products and People 7000 BC - AD 1700 

      Hansen, Gitte; Storemyr, Per; Stavsøien, Eva; Wickler, Stephen; Lindahl, Ingvar; Nilsson, Lars Petter; Bunse, Laura; Bergsvik, Knut Andreas; Grenne, Tor; Østerås, Bodil; Stenvik, Lars F.; Heldal, Tom; Schou, Torbjørn Preus; Baug, Irene; Vangstad, Hilde; Høegsberg, Mogens Skaaning; Forster, Amanda; Jones, Richard; Jansen, Øystein J.; Berglund, Birgitta; Hommedal, Alf Tore (UBAS, University of Bergen Archaeological Series, Book; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      This book addresses soapstone use in Norway and the North Atlantic region, including Greenland. Although the majority of the papers deal with the Iron Age and Middle Ages, the book spans the Mesolithic to the early modern ...