• Greece and Gender 

      Marinatos, Nanno; Whittaker, Helene; Høibye, Anne-Britt; Des Bouvrie, Synnøve; Berggreen, Brit; Ajootian, Aileen; Flemberg, Johan; Petropoulos, John C. B.; Vogt, Kari; Lambropoulou, Voula; Stylianoudi, Lily M.-G.; Grødum, Marianne (Papers of the Norwegian Institute at Athens, Book, 1995)
    • Reversal of gender roles in ancient Greece and Venezuela 

      Lambropoulou, Voula (Papers of the Norwegian Institute at Athens, Chapter, 1995)
      The purpose of this paper is to list and compare instances of gender role-reversal, especially those in which men assume the role of women.