• Basin Interactions and predictability 

      Keenlyside, Noel; Kosaka, Yu; Vigaud, Nicholas; Robertson, Andrew; Wang, Yiguo; Dommenget, Dietmar; Luo, Jing-Jia; Matei, Daniela (Chapter, 2020)
    • Propagation of Thermohaline Anomalies and their predictive potential along the Atlantic water pathway 

      Langehaug, Helene R.; Ortega, Pablo; Counillon, Francois Stephane; Matei, Daniela; Maroon, Elizabeth A.; Keenlyside, Noel Sebastian; Mignot, Juliette; Wang, Yiguo; Swingedouw, Didier; Bethke, Ingo; Yang, Shuting; Danabasoglu, Gokhan; Bellucci, Alessio; Ruggieri, Paolo; Nicoli, D.; Årthun, Marius (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2022)
      We assess to what extent seven state-of-the-art dynamical prediction systems can retrospectively predict winter sea surface temperature (SST) in the subpolar North Atlantic and the Nordic seas in the period 1970–2005. We ...
    • Recent applications and potential of near-term (interannual to decadal) climate predictions 

      O'Kane, Terence J.; Scaife, Adam A.; Kushnir, Yochanan; Brookshaw, Anca; Buontempo, Carlo; Carlin, David; Connell, Richenda K.; Doblas-Reyes, Francisco; Dunstone, Nick; Förster, Kristian; Graça, Antonio; Hobday, Alistair J.; Kitsios, Vassili; van der Laan, Larissa; Lockwood, Julia; Merryfield, William J.; Paxian, Andreas; Payne, Mark R.; Reader, M. Catherine; Saville, Geoffrey R.; Smith, Doug; Solaraju-Murali, Balakrishnan; Caltabiano, Nico; Carman, Jessie; Hawkins, Ed; Keenlyside, Noel Sebastian; Kumar, Arun; Matei, Daniela; Pohlmann, Holger; Power, Scott; Raphael, Marilyn; Sparrow, Michael; Wu, Bo (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
      Following efforts from leading centres for climate forecasting, sustained routine operational near-term climate predictions (NTCP) are now produced that bridge the gap between seasonal forecasts and climate change projections ...
    • Skilful decadal-scale prediction of fish habitat and distribution shifts 

      Payne, Mark R.; Danabasoglu, Gokhan; Keenlyside, Noel Sebastian; Matei, Daniela; Miesner, Anna K.; Yang, Shuting; Yeager, Stephen G. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2022)
      Many fish and marine organisms are responding to our planet’s changing climate by shifting their distribution. Such shifts can drive international conflicts and are highly problematic for the communities and businesses ...
    • Using simulations of the last millennium to understand climate variability seen in palaeo-observations: Similar variation of Iceland-Scotland overflow strength and Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation 

      Lohmann, Katja; Mignot, Juliette; Langehaug, Helene Reinertsen; Jungclaus, Johann H.; Matei, Daniela; Otterå, Odd Helge; Gao, Yongqi; Mjell, Tor Lien; Ninnemann, Ulysses Silas; Kleiven, Helga Flesche (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2015-02-10)
      A recent palaeo-reconstruction of the strength of the Iceland–Scotland overflow during the last 600 years suggests that its low-frequency variability exhibits strong similarity with palaeo-reconstructions of the Atlantic ...