• The enrichment of lexical resources through incremental parsebanking 

      Rosén, Victoria; Thunes, Martha; Haugereid, Petter; Losnegaard, Gyri Smørdal; Dyvik, Helge J. Jakhelln; Meurer, Paul; Samdal, Gunn Inger Lyse; De Smedt, Koenraad (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2016-06)
      Automatic syntactic analysis of a corpus requires detailed lexical and morphological information that cannot always be harvested from traditional dictionaries. Therefore the development of a treebank presents an opportunity ...
    • Er norsk et naturlig språk? 

      Rosén, Victoria (Chapter, 2000)
    • Linguistically motivated parallel parsebanks 

      Dyvik, Helge; Meurer, Paul; Rosén, Victoria; De Smedt, Koenraad (Conference object, 2009-11-25)
      Parallel grammars and parallel treebanks can be a useful method for studying linguistic diversity and commonality. We use this approach to study how arguments to similar predicates are realized across languages. To that ...
    • Mot en trebank for talespråk 

      Rosén, Victoria (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2008)
    • Multiword expressions in an LFG grammar for Norwegian 

      Dyvik, Helge J. Jakhelln; Losnegaard, Gyri Smørdal; Rosén, Victoria (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2019-02-27)
      This chapter describes the analysis of multiword expressions in NorGram, an LFG grammar of Norwegian. All multiword expressions need to be accounted for in the lexicon, but in different ways depending on the flexibility ...
    • Norwegian bare singulars revisited 

      Rosén, Victoria; Borthen, Kaja (Bergen Language and Linguistics Studies (BeLLS) ; 8, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      Borthen (2003) analyzed bare singulars in Norwegian. In this paper some of the claims made there are reexamined by searching in NorGramBank. The study provides new empirical support to the claims put forth in the earlier ...
    • Syntactic Annotation of Learner Corpora 

      Rosén, Victoria; De Smedt, Koenraad (Chapter, 2010)
    • TREPIL: Developing Methods and Tools for Multilevel Treebank Construction 

      Rosén, Victoria; De Smedt, Koenraad; Dyvik, Helge; Meurer, Paul (In: Civit, Montserrat; Kübler, Sandra; Martí, Ma. Antònia (red.) Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories (TLT2005), Chapter, 2005)
      Current trends in language technology require treebanks that do not stop at the level of constituent structure, but include deeper and richer levels of analysis, including appropriate meaning structures. Capturing sufficient ...
    • The very model of a modern linguist — in honor of Helge Dyvik 

      Rosén, Victoria; De Smedt, Koenraad (Bergen Language and Linguistics Studies (BeLLS) ; 8, Book; Peer reviewed, 2017)