• Aspects of the Digital Library 

      Garnes, Kari; Landøy, Ane; Repanovici, Angela; Bagge, Bjørn-Arvid; Åsmul, Anne B.; Kongshavn, Halvor; Sivertssen, Svenn; Tonning, Anne Sissel V.; Torras, Maria-Carme; Skagen, Therese; Bakka, Pål Hermod; Jones, Richard; Kyrkjebø, Rune; Greve, Solveig; Mikki, Susanne; Stangeland, Elin (Book, 2006)
    • Competency building in a busy working day for librarians and for libraries 

      Lein, Regina Küfner; Hunskår, Irene; Skagen, Therese (Journal article, 2023)
      Medical librarians know very well that they must build new competencies to offer relevant services and develop new library services. In a workshop at the EAHIL conference 2023, suggestions for competency building, and how ...
    • Ebooks at Bergen University Library? 

      Landøy, Ane; Mikki, Susanne; Skagen, Therese; Stangeland, Elin (Tidsskrift för Dokumentation 59(1), Journal article, 2004)
      The ongoing quality reform in academia in Norway leads to changing user needs for Bergen University Library. This article discusses advantages and disadvantages of ebooks in an academic institution like the University of ...
    • Norwegian medical librarians’ views about the future 

      Hunskår, Irene; Lein, Regina Küfner; Skagen, Therese (Journal article, 2023)
      The article describe Norwegian medical librarians thoughts about trends and future developments. Results from a survey among library staff in medical and healthcare libraries in Norway in June 2022 are presented. Digital ...
    • Pedagogical considerations in developing an online tutorial in information literacy 

      Skagen, Therese; Torras, Maria-Carme; Kavli, Solveig M. L.; Mikki, Susanne; Hafstad, Sissel; Hunskår, Irene (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2008)
      The article discusses the pedagogical background on which the design of the online tutorial Søk & Skriv ('Search and Write') is based. The tutorial Søk & Skriv is specially designed for distance learning students, but can ...
    • Søk & Skriv for kursholdere : bibliotekundervisning i høyere utdanning 

      Hafstad, Sissel; Hunskår, Irene; Kavli, Solveig M. L.; Mikki, Susanne; Skagen, Therese; Torras, Maria-Carme (Book, 2007-03)