• Birthweight in offspring and cardiovascular mortality in their parents, aunts and uncles: a family-based cohort study of 1.35 million births 

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      Background A link between suboptimal fetal growth and higher risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is well documented. It has been difficult to assess the contribution of environmental versus genetic factors to the ...
    • Cohort Profile: Pregnancy And Childhood Epigenetics (PACE) Consortium 

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    • Pre-conception and prenatal alcohol exposure from mothers and fathers drinking and head circumference: results from the Norwegian Mother-Child Study (MoBa) 

      Zuccolo, Luisa; deRoo, Lisa; Wills, Andrew K; Smith, George Davey; Surén, Pål; Roth, Christine; Stoltenberg, Camilla; Magnus, Per (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2016-12-23)
      Although microcephaly is a feature of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, it is currently unknown whether low-to-moderate prenatal alcohol exposure affects head circumference. Small magnitude associations reported in observational ...