• Amphipods and sea anemones, an update 

      Vader, Wim; Tandberg, Anne Helene Solberg (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      We present an updated survey of the Amphipoda that live in association with sea anemones. These amphipods can be divided into four groups: 1) symbiotic amphipods using sea anemones mainly for protection, but feeding largely ...
    • The Discovery and Preliminary Geological and Faunal Descriptions of Three New Steinahóll Vent Sites 

      Taylor, James; Devey, Colin; Le Saout, Morgane; Petersen, Sven; Kwasnitschka, Tom; Frutos, Inmaculada; Linse, Katrin; Lörz, Anne-Nina; Pałgan, Dominik; Tandberg, Anne Helene Solberg; Svavarsson, Jörundur; Thorhallsson, Daniel; Tomkowicz, Adrianna; Egilsdottir, Hrönn; Ragnarsson, Stefán Á.; Renz, Jasmin; Markaseva, Elena A.; Gollner, Sabine; Paulus, Eva; Kongsrud, Jon Anders; Beermann, Jan; Kocot, Kevin M.; Meißner, Karin; Bartholomä, Alexander; Hoffman, Leon; Vannier, Pauline; Marsteinsson, Viggó; Rapp, Hans Tore; Diaz-Agras, Guillermo; Tato, Ramiro; Brix, Saskia (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      During RV MS Merian expedition MSM75, an international, multidisciplinary team explored the Reykjanes Ridge from June to August 2018. The first area of study, Steinahóll (150–350 m depth), was chosen based on previous ...
    • Editorial: Effects of Ice Loss on Marine Biodiversity 

      Peeken, Ilka; Tandberg, Anne Helene Solberg; Linse, Katrin (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      The Arctic and Antarctic oceans are undergoing changes in the extent of their sea-ice and ice-shelves (IPCC, in press). These have important impacts on the biodiversity, structure, and function of sea ice biota, pelagic ...
    • Gammarid amphipods (Crustacea) in Norway, with a key to the species 

      Vader, Wim; Tandberg, Anne Helene Solberg (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019-02-28)
      Thirteen species in the amphipod family Gammaridae have been reported from Norway. This paper gives a survey of the distribution and habitat of all 13 species of the family Gammaridae occurring or expected to occur in ...
    • Global gap-analysis of amphipod barcode library 

      Jazdzewska, Ania; Tandberg, Anne Helene Solberg; Horton, Tammy; Brix, Saskia (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      In the age of global climate change and biodiversity loss there is an urgent need to provide effective and robust tools for diversity monitoring. One of the promising techniques for species identification is the use of DNA ...
    • Habitat variability and faunal zonation at the Ægir Ridge, a canyon-like structure in the deep Norwegian Sea 

      Brix, Saskia; Kaiser, Stephanie M.; Lörz, Anne-Nina; Le Saout, Morgane; Schumacher, Mia; Bonk, Frederic; Egilsdottir, Hrönn; Hilma Ólafsdóttir, Steinunn; Tandberg, Anne Helene Solberg; Taylor, James; Tewes, Simon; Xavier, Joana R; Linse, Katrin (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2022)
      The Ægir Ridge System (ARS) is an ancient extinct spreading axis in the Nordic seas extending from the upper slope east of Iceland (∼550 m depth), as part of its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), to a depth of ∼3,800 m in the ...
    • Heterogeneity on the abyssal plains: A case study in the Bering Sea 

      Sigwart, Julia D.; Brandt, Angelika; Di Franco, Davide; Escobar-Briones, Elva; Gerken, Sarah; Gooday, Andrew J.; Grimes, Candace J.; Gluchowska, Kamila; Hoffmann, Sven; Jazdzewska, Anna Maria; Kamyab, Elham; Kelch, Andreas; Knauber, Henry; Kohlenbach, Katharina; Miguez-Salas, Olmo; Moreau, Camille; Ogawa, Akito; Poliseno, Angelo; Santin Muriel, Andreu; Tandberg, Anne Helene Solberg; Theising, Franziska I; Walter, Thomas; Wölfl, Anne-Cathrin; Chen, Chong (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
      The abyssal plains are vast areas without large scale relief that occupy much of the ocean floor. Although long considered relatively featureless, they are now known to display substantial biological heterogeneity across ...
    • A New Stenothoid (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Stenothoidae) from a Shallow Water Hydroid Polyp in British Columbia, Canada 

      Tandberg, Anne Helene Solberg; Vader, Wim (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
      A new stenothoid species is described from a hydroid polyp in British Columbia, Canada. The new species is provisionally assigned to Metopa as M. insolita sp. nov., pending revision of this genus.
    • The World Amphipoda Database: History and Progress 

      Horton, Tammy; De Broyer, Claude; Bellan-santini, Denise; Coleman, Charles Oliver; Copilas-Coicianu, Denis; Corbari, Laure; Daneliya, Mikhail E.; Dauvin, Jean-Claude; Decock, Wim; Fanini, Lucia; Fiser, Cene; Gasca, Rebeca; Grabowski, Michał; Guerra-Garcia, Jose M.; Hendrycks, Ed; Hughes, Lauren E.; Jaume, Damià; Kim, Young-Hyo; King, Rachael; Brutto, Sabrina Lo; Lörz, Anne-Nina; Mamos, Tomasz; Serejo, Cristiana S.; Senna, Andre; Souza-Filho, Jesser F.; Tandberg, Anne Helene Solberg; Thurston, Michael H; Vader, Wim; Väinölä, Risto; Domedel, Georgiana Valls; Vandepitte, Leen; Vanhoorne, Bart; Vonk, Ronald; WHite, Kristine N; Zeidler, Wolfgang (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
      We provide an overview of the World Amphipoda Database (WAD), a global speciesdatabase that is part of the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS). Launched in 2013, the databasecontains entries for over 10,500 accepted ...