• Data assimilation for coastal zone monitoring and forecasting 

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    • Diapycnal Mixing in a Conceptual Model of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation 

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      A three-box model of the Atlantic Ocean is used to examine the influence different parameterisations of the diapycnal mixing may have on the large scale dynamics of the ocean circulation. Special emphasis is given to the ...
    • Evaluating Global Ocean Carbon Models: The Importance of Realistic Physics 

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      A suite of standard ocean hydrographic and circulation metrics are applied to the equilibrium physical solutions from 13 global carbon models participating in phase 2 of the Ocean Carbon-cycle Model Intercomparison Project ...
    • Evaluation of ocean carbon cycle models with data-based metrics 

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      New radiocarbon and chlorofluorocarbon-11 data from the World Ocean Circulation Experiment are used to assess a suite of 19 ocean carbon cycle models. We use the distributions and inventories of these tracers as quantitative ...
    • Future climate change: Modeling and scenarios for the Arctic 

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    • An intercomparison between the surface heat flux feedback in five coupled models, COADS and the NCEP reanalysis 

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      The surface heat flux feedback is estimated in the Atlantic and the extra-tropical Indo-Pacific, using monthly heat flux and sea surface temperature anomaly data from control simulations with five global climate models, ...
    • Last Glacial Maximum over China: Sensitivities of climate to paleovegetation and Tibetan ice sheet 

      Jiang, Dabang; Wang, Huijun; Drange, Helge; Lang, Xianmei (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2003-02-06)
      With the boundary conditions appropriate for the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM), including ice sheets, sea surface temperatures, sea-ice distribution, atmospheric CO2 concentration, the Earth’s orbital parameters, topography, ...
    • Modelling of deep-sea gravity currents using an integrated plume model 

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    • Observing the Ocean from Space: Emerging Capabilities in Europe 

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      During the first decade of the 21st century Earth observation from satellites will be faced with two major demands: provision of continuity missions and launch of new exploratory missions. This paper addresses European ...
    • Ocean release of fossil fuel CO2: A case study 

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      The natural ocean uptake of the greenhouse gas CO2 can be accelerated by collecting and liquefying the gas from point sources, and by pumping it into the ocean at appropriate locations and at sufficient depths. Results ...
    • A preliminary study on the relationship between Arctic Oscillation and daily SLP variance in the Northern hemisphere during wintertime 

      Gong, Daoyi; Drange, Helge (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2005-01-20)
      In the present study, the authors investigated the relationship between the Arctic Oscillation (AO) and the high-frequency variability of daily sea level pressures in the Northern Hemisphere in winter (November through ...
    • Two-phase, near-field modeling of purposefully released CO2 in the ocean 

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