• Measuring Ocean Salinity with ESA’s SMOS Mission – Advancing the Science 

      Berger, M.; Camps, A.; Font, Jordi; Kerr, Yann; Miller, J.; Johannessen, Johnny A.; Boutin, J.; Drinkwater, M. R.; Skou, N.; Floury, N.; Rast, M.; Rebhan, Helge; Attema, E. (Journal article, 2002-08)
    • Observing the Ocean from Space: Emerging Capabilities in Europe 

      Johannessen, Johnny A.; Le Provost, Christian; Drange, Helge; Srokosz, Meric; Woodworth, Philip; Sclüssel, Peter; Le Grand, Pascal; Kerr, Yann; Wingham, Duncan; Rebhan, Helge (Chapter, 2001-12)
      During the first decade of the 21st century Earth observation from satellites will be faced with two major demands: provision of continuity missions and launch of new exploratory missions. This paper addresses European ...