• Development and Evaluation of a Software System for Fire Risk Prediction 

      Halderaker, Eivind Dagsland; Evjenth, Andreas (Master thesis, 2021-06-01)
    • Development and validation of a universal blood donor genotyping platform: A multinational prospective study 

      Gleadall, Nicholas S.; Veldhuisen, Barbera; Gollub, Jeremy; Butterworth, Adam S.; Ord, John; Penkett, Christopher J.; Timmer, Tiffany C.; Sauer, Carolin M.; Van Der Bolt, Nieke; Brown, Colin; Brügger, Kim; Dilthey, Alexander T.; Duarte, Daniel; Grimsley, Shane; Van Den Hurk, Katja; Jongerius, John M.; Luken, Jessie; Megy, Karyn; Miflin, Gail; Nelson, Christopher S.; Prinsze, Femmeke J.; Sambrook, Jennifer; Simeoni, Ilenia; Sweeting, Michael; Thornton, Nicole; Trompeter, Sara; Tuna, Salih; Varma, Ram; Walker, Matthew R.; Danesh, John; Roberts, David J.; Ouwehand, Willem H.; Stirrups, Kathleen E.; Rendon, Augusto; Westhoff, Connie M.; Di Angelantonio, Emanuele; van der Schoot, C. Ellen; Astle, William J.; Watkins, Nicholas A.; Lane, William J. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      Each year, blood transfusions save millions of lives. However, under current blood-matching practices, sensitization to non–self-antigens is an unavoidable adverse side effect of transfusion. We describe a universal donor ...
    • Development of Tools for Analyzing and Sharing Proteomics Data 

      Barsnes, Harald (Doctoral thesis, 2010-03-22)
    • Development of two-photon polymerised scaffolds for optical interrogation and neurite guidance of human iPSC-derived cortical neuronal networks 

      Crowe, J. A.; El-Tamer, A.; Nagel, D.; Koroleva, A. V.; Madrid-Wolff, J.; Olarte, O. E.; Sokolovsky, S.; Estevez-Priego, E.; Ludl, Adriaan-Alexander; Soriano, J.; Loza-Alvarez, P.; Chichkov, B. N.; Hill, E. J.; Parri, H. R.; Rafailov, E. U. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      Recent progress in the field of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) has led to the efficient production of human neuronal cell models for in vitro study. This has the potential to enable the understanding of live ...
    • Diagram Predicate Framework meets Model Versioning and Deep Metamodelling 

      Rossini, Alessandro (Doctoral thesis, 2011-12-07)
      Model-driven engineering (MDE) is a branch of software engineering which aims at improving the productivity, quality and cost-effectiveness of software by shifting the paradigm from code-centric to model-centric. MDE ...
    • Diagram predicate framework: A formal approach to MDE 

      Rutle, Adrian (Doctoral thesis, 2010-11-29)
      Model-driven engineering (MDE) is a software engineering discipline which promotes models as first-class entities. It represents a shift of paradigm in software development, from being code-centric to become model-centric. ...
    • A Diagrammatic Logic for Object-Oriented Visual Modeling 

      Diskin, Zinovy; Wolter, Uwe Egbert (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2008-11-21)
      Formal generalized sketches is a graph-based specification format that borrows its main ideas from categorical and ordinary first-order logic, and adapts them to software engineering needs. In the engineering jargon, it ...
    • Differential Fault Analysis of Trivium 

      Hojsík, Michal; Rudolf, Bohuslav (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; 5086, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2008)
      Trivium is a hardware-oriented stream cipher designed in 2005 by de Canni`ere and Preneel for the European project eStream, and it has successfully passed the first and the second phase of this project. Its design has a ...
    • The differential spectrum of a ternary power mapping 

      Xia, Yongbo; Zhang, Xianglai; Li, Chunlei; Helleseth, Tor (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      A function f(x)from the finite field GF(pn)to itself is said to be differentially δ-uniform when the maximum number of solutions x ∈GF(pn)of f(x +a) −f(x) =bfor any a ∈GF(pn)∗and b ∈GF(pn)is equal to δ. Let p =3and d =3n−3. ...
    • Differentially low uniform permutations from known 4-uniform functions 

      Calderini, Marco (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Functions with low differential uniformity can be used in a block cipher as S-boxes since they have good resistance to differential attacks. In this paper we consider piecewise constructions for permutations with low ...
    • Direct data transfer between SOAP web services in Orchestration 

      Subramanian, Sattanathan; Sztromwasser, Paweł; Puntervoll, Pål; Petersen, Kjell (Conference object; Peer reviewed, 2012)
      In scientific data analysis, workflows are used to integrate and coordinate resources such as databases and tools. Workflows are normally executed by an orchestrator that invokes component services and mediates data transport ...
    • The directed 2-linkage problem with length constraints 

      Bang-Jensen, J.; Bellitto, Thomas; Lochet, William; Yeo, A. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    • Directed graph representation of half-rate additive codes over GF(4) 

      Danielsen, Lars Eirik; Parker, Matthew G. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2010)
      We show that (n, 2n) additive codes over GF(4) can be represented as directed graphs. This generalizes earlier results on self-dual additive codes over GF(4), which correspond to undirected graphs. Graph representation ...
    • Discriminating between surfaces of peripheral membrane proteins and reference proteins using machine learning algorithms 

      Miao, Fengming (Master thesis, 2019-04-05)
      In biology, the cell membrane is an important component of a cell and usually works as a “fence” to distinguish the inside and outside of a cell. The key role is to protect the cells from being interfered by their surroundings ...
    • Disentangling genetic and epigenetic determinants of ultrafast adaptation 

      Gjuvsland, Arne Bjørke; Zörgö, Enikö Beatrix; Antony Samy, Jeevan Karloss; Stenberg, Simon; Demirsoy, Ibrahim H; Roque, Francisco; Maciaszczyk-Dziubinska, Ewa; Migocka, Magdalena; Alonso-Perez, Elisa; Zackrisson, Martin; Wysocki, Robert; Tamas, Markus J; Jonassen, Inge; Omholt, Stig William; Warringer, Jonas (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2016)
      A major rationale for the advocacy of epigenetically mediated adaptive responses is that they facilitate faster adaptation to environmental challenges. This motivated us to develop a theoretical–experimental framework for ...
    • Diverse Pairs of Matchings 

      Fomin, Fedor; Golovach, Petr; Jaffke, Lars; Philip, Geevarghese; Sagunov, Danil (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      We initiate the study of the Diverse Pair of (Maximum/ Perfect) Matchings problems which given a graph G and an integer k, ask whether G has two (maximum/perfect) matchings whose symmetric difference is at least k. Diverse ...
    • A domain-specific dialect for financial-economic calculations using reactive programming 

      Marheim, Christian Lundekvam (Master thesis, 2017-08-19)
      This thesis investigates to what extent reactive programming is suited for the implementation of systems that support banks in providing financial-economic advice to their private customers. To this end, we built a small ...
    • Domain-Specific Languages for Composable Editor Plugins 

      Kats, Lennart C. L.; Kalleberg, Karl Trygve; Visser, Eelco (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2010-09-17)
      Modern IDEs increase developer productivity by incorporating many different kinds of editor services. These can be purely syntactic, such as syntax highlighting, code folding, and an outline for navigation; or they can be ...
    • Drum Analysis 

      Riskedal, Espen (Master thesis, 2002)
      This thesis studies drumloops, and the possibility to separate the different drumsounds from each other. Drum onsets and the detection of these are thoroughly discussed. Different approaches for detection and separation ...