• Interactive Visual Analysis of Process Data 

      Lampe, Ove Daae (Doctoral thesis, 2011-11-30)
      Data gathered from processes, or process data, contains many different aspects that a visualization system should also convey. Aspects such as, temporal coherence, spatial connectivity, streaming data, and the need for ...
    • Interactive Visual Analysis of Streaming Data 

      Smestad, Geir (Master thesis, 2014-09-23)
      Interactive Visual Analysis (IVA) has proven to be a robust set of methods for visually exploring complex data sets and generating hypotheses from data. Datasets and techniques where the temporal aspect is central has been ...
    • Interactive Visual Analysis of Time-dependent Flows: Physics- and Statistics-based Semantics 

      Pobitzer, Armin (Doctoral thesis, 2012-06-22)
      With the increasing use of numerical simulations in the fluid mechanics community in recent years flow visualization increasingly gains importance as an advanced analysis tool for the simulation output. Up to now, flow ...
    • Interactive visual exploration of metabolite ratios in MR spectroscopy studies 

      Garrison, Laura; Vašíček, Jakub; Craven, Alexander R.; Grüner, Renate; Smit, Noeska Natasja; Bruckner, Stefan (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) is an advanced biochemical technique used to identify metabolic compounds in living tissue. While its sensitivity and specificity to chemical imbalances render it a valuable tool in ...
    • Interactive Visualization of Streaming Data with Kernel Density Estimation 

      Lampe, Ove Daae; Hauser, Helwig (Conference object, 2011)
      In this paper, we discuss the extension and integration of the statistical concept of Kernel Density Estimation (KDE) in a scatterplotlike visualization for dynamic data at interactive rates. We present a line kernel for ...
    • Interactively illustrating polymerization using three-level model fusion 

      Kolesar, Ivan; Parulek, Julius; Viola, Ivan; Bruckner, Stefan; Stavrum, Anne-Kristin; Hauser, Helwig (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2014-10-14)
      Background: Research in cell biology is steadily contributing new knowledge about many aspects of physiological processes, both with respect to the involved molecular structures as well as their related function. Illustrations ...
    • Interaksjon og Søk i Dynamic Presentation Generator 

      Olsen, Tobias Rusås (Master thesis, 2010-06)
      Denne oppgaven handler om hvordan interaksjon og søk kan integreres i Dynamic Presentation Generator. Dette innholdshåndteringssystemet benytter seg av presentasjonsmønstre, en ide som går ut på å skille struktur og innhold. ...
    • Interaktive bridgetjenester for Internett og Mobil 

      Tenold, Eirik; Monsen, Remy (Master thesis, 2008)
      Denne rapporten presenterer utviklingen av to forskjellige systemer til bruk i forbindelse med kortspillet bridge. Det første systemet er et web-basert administrasjonssystem for bridge-turneringer, mens det andre systemet ...
    • Interfacing concepts: Why declaration style shouldn't matter 

      Bagge, Anya Helene; Haveraaen, Magne (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2010-09-17)
      A concept (or signature) describes the interface of a set of abstract types by listing the operations that should be supported for those types. When implementing a generic operation, such as sorting, we may then specify ...
    • Interpolation-based Decoding of Nonlinear Maximum Rank Distance Codes 

      Li, Chunlei (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      In this paper, we formulate a generic construction of MRD codes that covers almost all the newly found MRD codes. Among those MRD codes, we particularly investigate the encoding and decoding of a family of nonlinear MRD ...
    • Introduction to total dominator edge chromatic number 

      Alikhani, Saeid; Ghanbari, Nima (Journal article, 2022)
      We introduce the total dominator edge chromatic number of a graph G. A total dominator edge coloring (briefly TDE-coloring) of G is a proper edge coloring of G in which each edge of the graph is adjacent to every edge of ...
    • Invariants for EA- and CCZ-equivalence of APN and AB functions 

      Kaleyski, Nikolay Stoyanov (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      An (n,m)-function is a mapping from \({\mathbb {F}_{2}^{n}}\) to \({\mathbb {F}_{2}^{m}}\). Such functions have numerous applications across mathematics and computer science, and in particular are used as building blocks ...
    • Investigating Streamless Sets 

      Parmann, Erik (Conference object; Peer reviewed, 2015)
      In this paper we look at streamless sets, recently investigated by Coquand and Spiwack. A set is streamless if every stream over that set contain a duplicate. It is an open question in constructive mathematics whether the ...
    • Investigating the Limitations of Java Annotations for Input Validation 

      Mancini, Federico; Hovland, Dag; Mughal, Khalid A. (Conference object, 2010)
      Recently Java annotations have received a lot of attention as a possible way to simplify the usage of various frameworks, ranging from persistence and verification to security. In this paper we discuss our experiences in ...
    • IsoTrotter: Visually Guided Empirical Modelling of Atmospheric Convection 

      Palenik, Juraj; Spengler, Thomas; Hauser, Helwig (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      Empirical models, fitted to data from observations, are often used in natural sciences to describe physical behaviour and support discoveries. However, with more complex models, the regression of parameters quickly becomes ...
    • J2ME Bluetooth programming 

      Klingsheim, André N. (Master thesis, 2004)
    • JASPAR 2014: An extensively expanded and updated open-access database of transcription factor binding profiles 

      Mathelier, Anthony; Zhao, Xiaobei; Zhang, Allen W.; Parcy, François; Worsley-Hunt, Rebecca; Arenillas, David J.; Buchman, Sorana; Chen, Chih-yu; Chou, Alice; Ienasescu, Hans; Lim, Jonathan; Shyr, Casper; Tan, Ge; Zhou, Michelle; Lenhard, Boris; Sandelin, Albin; Wasserman, Wyeth W. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2014-01)
      JASPAR (http://jaspar.genereg.net) is the largest open-access database of matrix-based nucleotide profiles describing the binding preference of transcription factors from multiple species. The fifth major release greatly ...
    • K-Core Decomposition with CUDA 

      Morken, Ole Magnus Mæland (Master thesis, 2020-12-18)
    • K-packing and K-domination on tree graphs 

      Mjelde, Morten (Master thesis, 2004)
    • Kernel(s) for Problems with No Kernel: On Out-Trees with Many Leaves 

      Fernau, Henning; Fomin, Fedor; Lokshtanov, Daniel; Raible, Daniel; Saurabh, Saket; Villanger, Yngve (Conference object; Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2009)
      The {\sc \(k\)-Leaf Out-Branching} problem is to find an out-branching, that is a rooted oriented spanning tree, with at least \(k\) leaves in a given digraph. The problem has recently received much attention from the ...