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    • A Model of Type Theory in Cubical Sets 

      Bezem, Marcus Aloysius; Coquand, Thierry; Huber, Simon (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2014)
      We present a model of type theory with dependent product, sum, and identity, in cubical sets. We describe a universe and explain how to transform an equivalence between two types into an equality. We also explain how to ...
    • Model-based clustering of multi-tissue gene expression data 

      Erola, Pau; Björkegren, Johan L.M.; Michoel, Tom Luk Robert (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      Motivation Recently, it has become feasible to generate large-scale, multi-tissue gene expression data, where expression profiles are obtained from multiple tissues or organs sampled from dozens to hundreds of individuals. ...
    • Model-based exploration of the impact of glucose metabolism on the estrous cycle dynamics in dairy cows 

      Omari, Mohamed; Lange, Alexander; Plöntzke, Julia; Röblitz, Susanna (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Background: Nutrition plays a crucial role in regulating reproductive hormones and follicular development in cattle. This is visible particularly during the time of negative energy balance at the onset of milk production ...
    • Model-based Visualization for Medical Education and Training 

      Smit, Noeska Natasja; Lawonn, Kai; Kraima, Annelot; DeRuiter, Marco; Bruckner, Stefan; Eisemann, Elmar; Vilanova, Anna (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      Anatomy, or the study of the structure of the human body, is an essential component of medical education. Certain parts of human anatomy are considered to be more complex to understand than others, due to a multitude of ...
    • Model-Driven Automatic Question Generation for a Gamified Clinical Guideline Training System 

      Nyameino, Job Nyangena; Ebbesvik, Ben-Richard Sletten; Rabbi, Fazle; Were, Martin C.; Lamo, Yngve (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) are a cornerstone of modern medical practice since they summarize the vast medical literature and provide care recommendations based on the current best evidence. However, there are ...
    • Modeling of Multivalent Ligand-Receptor Binding Measured by kinITC 

      Erlekam, Franziska; Igde, Sinaida; Röblitz, Susanna; Hatmann, Laura; Weber, Marcus (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      In addition to the conventional Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC), kinetic ITC (kinITC) not only gains thermodynamic information, but also kinetic data from a biochemical binding process. Moreover, kinITC gives insights ...
    • Modelling migration patterns of fish using depth and temperature preferences 

      Natvig, Erik (Master thesis, 2012-04-27)
      Time series of depth and temperature derived from electronic tagging of fish have been used to construct a stochastic model that aims at capturing main characteristics of the observations. Mixed Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process ...
    • Modelling Oscillatory Patterns in the Bovine Estrous Cycle with Boolean Delay Equations 

      Berg, Mascha; Plöntzke, Julia; Siebert, Heike; Röblitz, Susanna (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Boolean delay equations (BDEs), with their relatively simple and intuitive mode of modelling, have been used in many research areas including, for example, climate dynamics and earthquake propagation. Their application to ...
    • Modelling the structure, function and evolution of Polycomb/Trithorax Response Elements 

      Bredesen, Bjørn Andre (Doctoral thesis, 2020-11-20)
      The correct development of animals and plants depends on carefully coordinated gene regulation. Polycomb/Trithorax Group (PcG/TrxG) proteins are conserved epigenetic regulators that are recruited to Polycomb/Trithorax ...
    • Models and Solution Methods for the Pooling Problem 

      Alfaki, Mohammed (Doctoral thesis, 2012-06-18)
      Pipeline transportation of natural gas is largely affected by restrictions regarding gas quality imposed by the market and the actual quality of the gas produced at sources. From the sources, gas flow streams of unequal ...
    • Modification to planarity is fixed parameter tractable 

      Fomin, Fedor; Golovach, Petr; Thilikos, Dimitrios M (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      A replacement action is a function L that maps each k-vertex labeled graph to another k-vertex graph. We consider a general family of graph modification problems, called L-Replacement to C, where the input is a graph G and ...
    • Modulation of Transcriptional and Inflammatory Responses in Murine Macrophages by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Mammalian Cell Entry (Mce) 1 Complex 

      Stavrum, Ruth; Stavrum, Anne-Kristin; Valvatne, Håvard; Riley, Lee W.; Ulvestad, Elling; Jonassen, Inge; Assmus, Jørg; Doherty, Tanya Mark; Grewal, Harleen M. S. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2011-10-24)
      The outcome of many infections depends on the initial interactions between agent and host. Aiming at elucidating the effect of the M. tuberculosis Mce1 protein complex on host transcriptional and immunological responses ...
    • Molecular mechanisms of adaptation emerging from the physics and evolution of nucleic acids and proteins 

      Goncearenco, Alexander; Ma, Binguang; Berezovsky, Igor (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2014)
      DNA, RNA and proteins are major biological macromolecules that coevolve and adapt to environments as components of one highly interconnected system. We explore here sequence/structure determinants of mechanisms of adaptation ...
    • Monte Carlo Study of the Formation and Conformational Properties of Dimers of Aβ42 Variants 

      Mitternacht, Simon; Staneva, Iskra; Härd, Torleif; Irbäck, Anders (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2011)
      Small soluble oligomers, and dimers in particular, of the amyloid β-peptide (Aβ) are believed to play an important pathological role in Alzheimer's disease. Here, we investigate the spontaneous dimerization of Aβ42, with ...
    • Mostar index and edge Mostar index of polymers 

      Ghanbari, Nima; Alikhani, Saeid (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      Let G=(V,E) be a graph and e=uv∈E. Define nu(e,G) be the number of vertices of G closer to u than to v. The number nv(e,G) can be defined in an analogous way. The Mostar index of G is a new graph invariant defined as ...
    • Multi-GPU Rendering with Vulkan API 

      Tolo, Lars Olav (Master thesis, 2018-08-21)
      Vulkan API provides a low level interface to modern Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). With this thesis, we demonstrate how to use Vulkan to send commands explicitly to separate GPUs for implementing platform- and vendor ...
    • A Multilevel scheme for the Travelling Salesman Problem 

      Hjertenes, Øystein M. (Master thesis, 2002)
    • Multimedia i dynamisk presentasjons generator 2.0 

      Ingvaldsen, Bjørn Ove (Master thesis, 2008-10-01)
      Oppgaven omhandler en ny implementasjon av innholdshåndteringssystemet Dynamic Presetation Generator DPG, hvor hovedvekten av oppgaven tar for seg integrering av multimediafunksjonalitet i systemet.
    • MultiPath TCP-communication (in NorNet Core) 

      Ingebretsen, Kristian Bøckmann; Selvik, Daniel (Master thesis, 2016-05-31)
      Technology is constantly evolving, and we are currently witnessing a digital revolution with a tremendous growth of interconnected devices. The scale of the Internet and the amount of transported data is constantly increasing. ...
    • Multiple Side Linear Equations. A New Tool For Solving Sparse Algebraic Equations in Finite Field 

      Renzengwangdui, X (Master thesis, 2010-01-28)
      A new technique of linearization for sparse multivariate polynomial equation system is presented. Applying Gluing algorithm on the newly constructed linear equation systems, therefore solve the original multivariate ...