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    • Visualization Space Exploration : Theoretical and Practical Viewpoints 

      Bolte, Fabian (Doctoral thesis, 2020-11-20)
      Visualizations are graphical representations of data that have been used in a wide-ranging field of applications to provide a quick overview over data-inherent information. By taking advantage of human perceptual capabilities, ...
    • En visuell tilnærming til simulering av købaserte modeller i Java 

      Ervik, Morten Johannes (Master thesis, 2004)
    • The Vitruvian Baby: Interactive Reformation of Fetal Ultrasound Data to a T-Position 

      Mörth, Eric; Raidou, Renata Georgia; Viola, Ivan; Smit, Noeska Natasja (Conference object; Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      Three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound imaging and visualization is often used in medical diagnostics, especially in prenatal screening. Screening the development of the organs of the fetus as well as the overall growth is ...
    • Vox et praeterea nihil 

      Tverrå, Kai (Master thesis, 2004)
    • VR supported self-help treatment for adolescents with psychosis 

      Pasiak, Jaroslaw; Pasiak, Wojciech (Master thesis, 2022-06-01)
      Psychosis is a severe psychological condition that affects some people, including adolescents. Unfortunately, treating psychosis and psychotic disorders takes a long time. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and CBT for ...
    • Vulnerabilities in distributed computer systems 

      Moen, Vebjørn (Doctoral thesis, 2006-10-04)
      The society relies more and more on interconnected computers systems and distributed applications. This dissertation considers security in such systems, focusing on how to break the security. Online banking, wireless systems ...
    • Walk Your Tree Any Way You Want 

      Bagge, Anya Helene; Lämmel, Ralf (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; 7909, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2013)
      Software transformations in the Nuthatch style are described as walks over trees (possibly graphs) that proceed in programmerdefined steps which may observe join points of the walk, may observe and affect state associated ...
    • Wave-shaped round functions and primitive groups 

      Aragona, Riccardo; Calderini, Marco; Civino, Roberto; Sala, Massimiliano; Zappatore, Ilaria (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      Round functions used as building blocks for iterated block ciphers, both in the case of Substitution-Permutation Networks (SPN) and Feistel Networks (FN), are often obtained as the composition of different layers. The ...
    • A Web-based Solid Waste Management System for Sierra Leone 

      Kayleemasa, Kisimi (Master thesis, 2018-12-13)
      The generation of waste is a continuous process as long as human activities are going on in the world. To address the threats that waste poses to life in general, it is important to manage waste properly. Waste management ...
    • WEBnm@ v2.0: Web server and services for comparing protein flexibility 

      Tiwari, Sandhya Premnath; Fuglebakk, Edvin; Hollup, Siv Midtun; Skjærven, Lars; Cragnolini, Tristan; Grindhaug, Svenn Helge; Tekle, Kidane M; Reuter, Nathalie (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2014-12-30)
      Background: Normal mode analysis (NMA) using elastic network models is a reliable and cost-effective computational method to characterise protein flexibility and by extension, their dynamics. Further insight into the ...
    • Webucator 3.0 - Brukerhåndtering og aksesskontroll for DPG 2.0 

      Løvik, Kristian Skønberg (Master thesis, 2008-08-18)
      Oppgaven omhandler brukerhåndtering, sikkerhet og aksesskontroll i Dynamic Presentation Generator og Webucator, som er sentrale systemer for gjennomføringen av fjernundervisningskurs over internett ved Universitetet i Bergen.
    • The Weight Distributions of Several Classes of Cyclic Codes From APN Monomials 

      Li, Chunlei; Li, Nian; Helleseth, Tor; Ding, Cunsheng (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2014-08)
      Let m ≥ 3 be an odd integer and p be an odd prime. In this paper, a number of classes of three-weight cyclic codes C(1,e) over Fp, which have parity-check polynomial m1(x)me (x), are presented by examining general conditions ...
    • What Is Known About Vertex Cover Kernelization? 

      Fellows, Michael R.; Jaffke, Lars; Király, Aliz Izabella; Rosamond, Frances; Weller, Mathias (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2018)
      We are pleased to dedicate this survey on kernelization of the Vertex Cover problem, to Professor Juraj Hromkovič on the occasion of his 60th birthday. The Vertex Cover problem is often referred to as the Drosophila of ...
    • Whole genome sequencing of the fish pathogen Francisella noatunensis subsp. orientalis Toba04 gives novel insights into Francisella evolution and pathogenecity 

      Sridhar, Settu; Sharma, Animesh; Kongshaug, Heidi; Nilsen, Frank; Jonassen, Inge (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2012-11-06)
      Background: Francisella is a genus of gram-negative bacterium highly virulent in fishes and human where F. tularensis is causing the serious disease tularaemia in human. Recently Francisella species have been reported to ...
    • A wide-range algorithm for minimal triangulation from an arbitrary ordering 

      Berry, Anne; Bordat, Jean-Paul; Heggernes, Pinar; Simonet, Genevieve; Villanger, Yngve (Journal article, 2006)
    • Width Notions for Ordering-Related Problems 

      Arrighi, Emmanuel; Fernau, Henning; De Oliveira Oliveira, Mateus; Wolf, Petra (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      We are studying a weighted version of a linear extension problem, given some finite partial order ρ, called Completion of an Ordering. While this problem is NP-complete, we show that it lies in FPT when parameterized by ...
    • Wirom2.0: An Extensible System for Mission Planning of Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Teams 

      Kleiven, Gunnar Fimreite (Master thesis, 2022-06-01)
      Robotics software systems are becoming increasingly more complex, which makes the development progressively more challenging. Heterogeneous robots have different requirements, and their actions need different specifications ...
    • Workflow management systems 

      Imsland, Geir Inge Struen (Master thesis, 2007-12-01)
      This master's thesis gives an insight to workflow technologies used to improve efficiency of business processes. Ways to use such technologies in order to help users through tasks in MIPS (Material Integrated Production ...
    • WSDL Workshop. Semantic web application in HTML5 for the discovery, construction and analysis of workflows 

      Nozal Canadas, Rafael Adolfo (Master thesis, 2013-11-20)
      WSDL-Workshop is a HTML5 web application for the discovery and exploration of web services and for analysing the compatibility between web services. This is the result of a mathematical model developed from WSDL1.1. The ...
    • WSDL Workshop: Semantic web application in HTML5 for the discovery, construction and analysis of workfows 

      Cañadas, Rafael Adolfo Nozal (Master thesis, 2013)
      WSDL-Workshop is a HTML5 web application for the discovery and exploration of web services and for analyzing the compatibility between web services. This is the result of a mathematical model developed from WSDL1.1. The ...