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dc.contributor.authorSabine, C. L.
dc.contributor.authorHankin, S.
dc.contributor.authorKoyuk, H.
dc.contributor.authorBakker, D. C. E.
dc.contributor.authorPfeil, Benjamin
dc.contributor.authorOlsen, Are
dc.contributor.authorMetzl, N.
dc.contributor.authorKozyr, A.
dc.contributor.authorFassbender, A.
dc.contributor.authorManke, A.
dc.contributor.authorMalczyk, J.
dc.contributor.authorAkl, J.
dc.contributor.authorAlin, S. R.
dc.contributor.authorBellerby, Richard
dc.contributor.authorBorges, A.
dc.contributor.authorBoutin, J.
dc.contributor.authorBrown, P. J.
dc.contributor.authorCai, W.-J.
dc.contributor.authorChavez, F. P.
dc.contributor.authorChen, A.
dc.contributor.authorCosca, C.
dc.contributor.authorFeely, R. A.
dc.contributor.authorGonzález-Dávila, M.
dc.contributor.authorGoyet, C.
dc.contributor.authorHardman-Mountford, N.
dc.contributor.authorHeinze, Christoph
dc.contributor.authorHoppema, M.
dc.contributor.authorHunt, C. W.
dc.contributor.authorHydes, D.
dc.contributor.authorIshii, M.
dc.contributor.authorJohannessen, Truls
dc.contributor.authorKey, R.M.
dc.contributor.authorKörtzinger, A.
dc.contributor.authorLandschützer, P.
dc.contributor.authorLauvset, Siv Kari
dc.contributor.authorLefévre, N.
dc.contributor.authorLenton, A.
dc.contributor.authorLourantou, A.
dc.contributor.authorMerlivat, L.
dc.contributor.authorMidorikawa, T.
dc.contributor.authorMintrop, L.
dc.contributor.authorMiyazaki, C.
dc.contributor.authorMurata, A.
dc.contributor.authorNakadate, A.
dc.contributor.authorNakano, Y.
dc.contributor.authorNakaoka, S.
dc.contributor.authorNojiri, Y.
dc.contributor.authorOmar, Abdirahman
dc.contributor.authorPadin, X. A.
dc.contributor.authorPark, G.-H.
dc.contributor.authorPaterson, K.
dc.contributor.authorPerez, F. F.
dc.contributor.authorPierrot, D.
dc.contributor.authorPoisson, A.
dc.contributor.authorRios, A.F.
dc.contributor.authorSalisbury, J.
dc.contributor.authorSantana-Casiano, J. M:
dc.contributor.authorSarma, V. V. S. S.
dc.contributor.authorSchlitzer, R.
dc.contributor.authorSchneider, B.
dc.contributor.authorSchutser, U.
dc.contributor.authorSieger, R.
dc.contributor.authorSkjelvan, Ingunn
dc.contributor.authorSteinhoff, T.
dc.contributor.authorSuzuki, T.
dc.contributor.authorTakahashi, T.
dc.contributor.authorTedesco, K.
dc.contributor.authorTelszewski, M.
dc.contributor.authorThomas, H.
dc.contributor.authorTilbrook, B.
dc.contributor.authorVandemark, D.
dc.contributor.authorVeness, T.
dc.contributor.authorWatson, A. J.
dc.contributor.authorWeiss, R.
dc.contributor.authorWong, C.S.
dc.contributor.authorYoshikawa-Inoue, H.
dc.PublishedEarth System Science Data 2013, 5:145-153eng
dc.description.abstractAs a response to public demand for a well-documented, quality controlled, publically available, global surface ocean carbon dioxide (CO2) data set, the international marine carbon science community developed the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT). The first SOCAT product is a collection of 6.3 million quality controlled surface CO2 data from the global oceans and coastal seas, spanning four decades (1968–2007). The SOCAT gridded data presented here is the second data product to come from the SOCAT project. Recognizing that some groups may have trouble working with millions of measurements, the SOCAT gridded product was generated to provide a robust, regularly spaced CO2 fugacity (fCO2) product with minimal spatial and temporal interpolation, which should be easier to work with for many applications. Gridded SOCAT is rich with information that has not been fully explored yet (e.g., regional differences in the seasonal cycles), but also contains biases and limitations that the user needs to recognize and address (e.g., local influences on values in some coastal regions).en_US
dc.publisherCopernicus Publicationsen_US
dc.rightsAttribution CC BYeng
dc.titleSurface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT) gridded data productsen_US
dc.typePeer reviewed
dc.typeJournal article
dc.rights.holderCopyright 2013 The Authorsen_US

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