• Generative art, Storytelling and Society 

      You, Qinglin (Master thesis, 2021)
      How can a fictional, artificial society be designed and generated? By creating a design fiction (Dunne and Raby., 2013) of alternative societies and designing a digital world of artificial intelligent species, I try to ...
    • Getting lost in the woods 

      Øie, Steffen Fløan (Master thesis, 2016)
    • Jente–hest-kameratskap på tvers av artar: Hesteboka i økokritisk perspektiv 

      Nyrnes, Aslaug (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Hestebøker er ein populær kategori tekstar i barne- og ungdomslitteraturen. Dei tematiserer barn og unges relasjonar til hestar i eit vennskaps- og modningsperspektiv. Spørsmålet er om hesteboka også kan utfordre eit ...
    • Kva er potensiale i aggresjon? 

      Nordtveit, Maria (Master thesis, 2016)
    • Persona 

      Salimi Ashkezari, Seyed Saeed (Master thesis, 2021)
      Dementia shows us human existence without any decoration. We see it is heartbreaking, fragile, and delicate in all details. And we see more similarities than differences in our lives than we might imagine. We are all ...
    • Rom for liv 

      Naalsund, Karen (Master thesis, 2016)
    • Visualizing Digital Identity 

      Folstad, Theodore A. (Master thesis, 2021-03)
      We cannot see what our digital identity looks like or view what it says about our behavior, feelings, or actions that are stored online. The data that is collected by surveillance from our smartphones build a fragmented ...