• Data availability principles and practice 

      Smith, J. A.; Cessi, P.; Fer, Ilker; Foltz, G.; Fox-Kemper, Baylor; Heywood, Karen; Jones, N.; Klymak, Jody; Lacasce, Joseph Henry (Journal article, 2020)
    • Lateral Heat Transport in the Lofoten Basin: Near-Surface Pathways and Subsurface Exchange 

      Dugstad, Johannes Sandanger; Fer, Ilker; Lacasce, Joseph Henry; Sanchez de la Lama, Marta; Trodahl, Marta (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      The Lofoten Basin in the Nordic Seas plays a central role in the Atlantic overturning circulation by acting as a reservoir for the warm and saline Atlantic Water flow toward the Arctic Ocean. The mass and heat exchange ...