• Addendum to: "Combined Assessment of Software Safety and Security Requirements - An Industrial Evaluation of the CHASSIS Method'' 

      Raspotnig, Christian; Karpati, Peter; Opdahl, Andreas Lothe (Other, 2017-07-19)
      This addendum contains further details about the two case studies reported in our paper Combined Assessment of Software Safety and Security Requirements - An industrial evaluation of the CHASSIS method.
    • CHASSIS guideline 

      Raspotnig, Christian; Karpati, Peter; Katta, Vikash (Other, 2012-11-09)
      The Combined Harm Assessment for Safety and Security of Information Systems is a method for performing safety and security requirements elicitation. This document describes the guideline for applying the method.
    • Unified Enterprise Modelling Ontology (UEMO), 2010-10-29 

      Opdahl, Andreas Lothe (Other, 2011-03-30)
      Unified Enterprise Modelling Ontology (UEMO) is a reformulation of UEML's common ontology in OWL/OWL2 DL form. As a result, the ontology becomes more precise and better supported by automated reasoning tools. The reformulation ...