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  • Effect of aversive stimuli on frontal alpha asymmetry during sleep 

    Flo, Elisabeth (The University of Bergen, 2009-05-12)
    The aim of this project was to find measurable physiological responses linked to the human experience of distress in a non-communicative state. A distress-related response has consistently been reported in healthy awake ...
    Master thesis
  • Personality factors predict sleep-related shift work tolerance in different shifts at 2-year follow-up: a prospective study 

    Storemark, Sunniva Straume; Fossum, Ingrid Nesdal; Bjorvatn, Bjørn; Moen, Bente Elisabeth; Flo, Elisabeth; Pallesen, Ståle (BMJ, 2013-11-04)
    Objectives: The aim of the present study was to investigate whether the personality variables morningness, flexibility, languidity and hardiness could predict sleep-related shift work tolerance for the day, evening and ...
    Journal article
  • Prevalence and predictors of recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome in a routine clinical practice 

    Flo, Elisabeth; Chalder, Trudie (Elsevier, 2014-08-26)
    Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is one of the treatments of choice for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). However, the factors that predict recovery are unknown. The objective of this study was to ascertain ...
    Journal article
  • Shift Work Disorder in Nurses – Assessment, Prevalence and Related Health Problems 

    Flo, Elisabeth; Pallesen, Ståle; Magerøy, Nils; Moen, Bente E.; Grønli, Janne; Nordhus, Inger Hilde; Bjorvatn, Bjørn (Public Library of Science, 2012-04-02)
    Background: This study investigates the prevalence of symptoms of shift work disorder in a sample of nurses, and its association to individual, health and work variables. Methodology/Principal Findings: We investigated ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article
  • Sleep and health in shift working nurses 

    Flo, Elisabeth (The University of Bergen, 2013-02-22)
    In this thesis, the prevalence of Shift Work Disorder (SWD) in a sample of nurses, and the association between SWD and work characteristics, health outcome and personality (paper 1) have been investigated. Next, the ...
    Doctoral thesis